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Custom Made Fly Screens Online

Stylish, simple frame profileStylish, simple frame profile

Australia is a continent surrounded by water and home to a prolific range of insects; from the harmless to the not so harmless including Australia’s many varieties of mosquitoes that are responsible for the transfer of many undesirable diseases and afflictions. As Australians we see it is our birth right to enjoy the fresh air and warm summer months with lots of glorious fresh air, however one of the obvious hazards with this perceived entitlement is the invitation to many unwanted flies and other annoying and dangerous insects as well.

There are many ways of reducing insects in our environment and protecting our loved ones, some of which are effective and others are maybe less effective. These range from burning insect coils that produce a pungent smoke to repel or make the area less desirable, aerosols and fly sprays are another way of offering a solution to flies and mosquitoes in the immediate area, however this is a very short fix and again quite unpleasant because of the unpleasant chemicals that are used to kill or deter the insects and rest assured they will soon return with a vengeance once the air becomes clear of it.

Another solution is to either spray or roll personal protection chemicals directly onto your skin; in some cases, particularly if you're bushwalking or live in an area where the population of these disease carrying mosquitoes are quite high, is sometimes the only solution. Also we can wear long trousers long shirts to protect our skin; however this does also have an undesirable effect of keeping in body heat and not that pleasant on hot and humid days and nights.

Providing an environment where you can live, enjoy and rest in insect free and chemical free environment is certainly preferable to aforementioned alternatives and is not difficult to achieve if carefully planned.

There are many different types of screening apparatuses and applications available on the market with varying costs. Outdoor areas can now be effectively screened using many different types of fly mesh solutions that range from basic fibreglass fly mesh, pet mesh, midge mesh or stainless steel fly mesh all the way through to 316 Marine grade stainless steel which will give an added advantage of providing a high level of protection from unwanted guests as well as unwanted insects. Break-ins and burglaries are very much on the rise right across Australia and police resources are stretched to the limit and if we are looking to provide insect protection then it may well be a very good idea to incorporate security insect screens also.

You may however just simply require basic insect screens and not have a need for high level security. Seconline has both basic insect screens which can be fabricated to your exact specifications with four basic fly mesh solutions.

  • Standard custom made fly screens are fitted with fibreglass mesh which is black in colour and very effective.

  • The same fly screens can also be fitted with Midge Mesh for protection from midge or sand-fly infestation; this product is also fibreglass and black in colour, however does have the disadvantage of reducing airflow marginally.

  • Paw proof fly mesh is also available for installation into custom made fly screens, 7 mm diamond doors and 7mm Diamond window Screens. Paw proof mesh has ultrahigh resistance to combat the impact of cats and dogs and will eliminate the need to re-mesh your screens regularly.

  • 304 stainless steel fly mesh is also available at Seconline to meet council bushfire requirements and do not want to go to the expense of using the 316 Marine grade stainless steel which also meets the requirements for construction levels 1, 2 and 3 and bushfire prone areas*. For pricing please e-mail our staff for a quote

*These levels vary from Council to Council and should be thoroughly researched prior to ordering.

At Seconline you can order insect screens online direct from your smartphone, computer or tablet in the comfort of your home and have them delivered direct to your address. A vast amount of information is available on the Seconline website and full support via an online chat, email or direct phone call is also available.

Measuring is very much a common sense approach as there are many different varieties of extrusions, however there are only two basic fly frames, 9mm and 11 mm. Seconline fly frames are 11 mm; make sure to measure your recess before you order to ensure you are ordering the correct fly frame to suit your windows.

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