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Steel Mesh Maintenance

When you receive your Seconline security/barrier door or screen it will come with the door furniture (being the door handles, keys, etc.) in a separate accessory bag within the carton attached to a cardboard sheet. To remove the door from the carton it is wise to cut between the staples and the fragile tape on the outer edge of your product. Cut along the top and one side, then the bottom. Now flip the cardboard  over to reveal your door. If you have ordered a sliding security/barrier door then the door furniture (the door handles) will already be attached. In your accessories will be the door striker and the two screws to attach it to your receiving channel.

As necessary attach all door handles and install your door. There are various pieces of information available within the Seconline website to assist you. Just click on the FAQ available in the top bar of the website on any page; and make your selection. There is information available on hinged doors, sliding doors, window screens, fly screens, centre opening double doors in either hinged or sliding as well as a button to click on for general information.

Installation generally is not difficult and most tools required will be in the average shed or garage. Provided you have measured your door correctly and the door jamb where the installation will take place is in reasonable condition and is square, then installation usually can be carried out quite easily. It is helpful, however, to have someone help you with the initial handling of the door. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone who is handy to help with both the measuring and the installation. People are available in local papers, Yellow Pages as well as websites promoting handyman services.

Once your installation is complete and you are perfectly happy with the way the door operates then no more work will be required provided it is installed correctly and there are no obvious issues with any of the operating parts that may have been damaged in transit.

Maintenance will depend on your product being either a sliding security door or a hinged security door and the frequency of use will also define the amount of maintenance that is required for the door. Average use will require minimal maintenance.

Steel Mesh Maintenance. Maintenance for the mesh will depend your proximity to harsh or salt environments, 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is far better at resisting corrosion and will require less maintenance; however, again that will depend on the proximity to a harsh salt environment. Steel mesh will require cleaning regularly, as frequently as monthly if you are close to a saltwater environment. A common sense judgement needs to be made in regard to the maintenance of the mesh. A visual inspection will sometimes indicate that there is contaminants. These will usually appear at the bottom of the door. Maintenance will also vary based on exactly what position the door is in. If your door is exposed to more elements than the average door, for example if your door is in an unprotected and dusty or salty environment, then it is obvious that maintenance on the mesh would be required more frequently. If, however, your door is under an eave or on a veranda and not be exposed then it would require obviously less maintenance. It is imperative, however, that you keep your maintenance level of the mesh as regular as possible. It would be better to over maintain and clean it more regularly than to under maintain it.

Purchasing your Security Screen Door Online has been made easy with Seconline; if you require further information or advice on keeping your Steel Mesh door looking great for years; contact us 1300 735 405.

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