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Three-Point Locking Or Single Locking?

Triple Lock Upgrades AvailableTriple Lock Upgrades Available

At Seconline we manufacture many different types of doors to our customers’ individual specifications. We are not privy to our customers’ needs nor can we judge exactly what they will choose. This is generally done based on individual budgets and circumstances.

At Seconline we manufacture 316 Marine grade stainless steel security doors. It is our understanding that to have a door classified as a security door it must pass certain Australian standard testing and be made in accordance. Also it must have a three-point lock installed. It also must have passed hinge level tests, pull tests, salt water spray tests and impact tests. These tests must be carried out by an independent laboratory and test results must be available upon request.

Customers can choose the level of barrier or safety or security that they require in the comfort of their own home and Seconline will manufacture this door to their precise specifications and choices and within a given period of time delivered to the customer for them to install. We do not guarantee installation as most of our customers will choose to do the installation themselves and for it to be classified as a fully installed security door the installation must be carried out by a licensed installer. There is no way we can guarantee that this process has taken place and offer no guarantees. We will, however, honour any transit damage or any faults with products other than installation issues.

To choose a three-point lock on any of our doors that are available at Seconline would be to dramatically increase the level of barrier or security that the door will provide as this door will be then, if installed correctly, lock at three points on the hinge side and at three points on the opposite hinge side. If a 7mm diamond door is chosen with a single lock only two hinges will be provided. This then will fix the door at three points: two hinges and one central lock. If a customer were to choose a three-point lock an obvious upgrade of the door’s ability to withstand extraction from the jamb would be dramatically increased as it would then effectively be attached at three points to the door frame - three locking points and three hinging points.

In closing it would be our wish that every hinged door purchased at Seconline be upgraded to a three-point lock system; however, we would always allow our customers this choice and will respect their wishes as we do not know the circumstances for which they are purchasing the door and the level of security or barrier that they require. Nor do we know their budget.

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