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House Sitters

All Australians need to take a break. Out of a possible 52 weeks in the year it would only seem fair four weeks of those should be where we can relieve ourselves from the pressures of going to work so as to unwind, de-stress and relax to let the other 48 weeks be forgotten for a very short period of time, at least. Some of us like to take this break at home and will have a list of chores that have been put off over the year and in some cases this can present a really nice break as we can sleep in and do them at our own pace and unwind. With the thought process of not having to get up like a rat in a treadmill and repeat the same process of showering, dressing and commuting to work, we can unwind and potter around our own homes whilst catching up on some of those things that we've put off through the year.

Another way some of us like to take our annual break is to pack some clothes in a bag, throw them in the car and leave our home that we have lived in for the previous 48 weeks and have a real break by getting away to another destination. I believe this is significantly better if it can be arranged.  I believe this allows the mind and body to have a total change. One of the issues that can arise whilst we are away is just exactly what is going to happen to our pets and our home. It is not always possible to take the family dog, goldfish, pussycat or pet turtle away with you to a resort or if you were to be catching an aeroplane to a distant destination just what do we do with our pets in our absence?

A rising trend for holidaymakers with this situation is to employ a house sitter. A house sitter is someone who could come and live in your home, feed your pets, mow your lawn and generally do anything that you need doing that is necessary whilst you are away. You may be lucky enough to have a relative who would don tools at a moment’s notice and come in to your house as your own private house sitter; however, this is mostly unlikely and possibly not workable. There are people who advertise this service and this may be a possible solution if you can accept the cost and the thought process of someone living in your home that you may not know all that well and have access to your family belongings and private possessions. I'm sure most of these people are quite reputable and would not be able to continue in their business if something untoward would happen and so obviously they would not be able to grow the business or be recommended . I believe it is just the thought of having a stranger living in your home that makes this option possibly not desirable.

In some cases a house sitter may be absolutely necessary and not to be avoided; as discussed above, you may have pets that need to be maintained daily as well as other duties that need to be taken care of such as pool cleaning, etc. Perhaps it would be more doable to have someone that you know visit your home daily to take care of these needs; however, it would be always in the back of your mind if you feel like this author that maybe your house is unprotected and it may have a tendency to give you somewhat of a worry during a period of time when you should be unwinding and relaxing.

Seconline may have some of the solutions to allow you to maximise the security levels in your home prior to you vacationing it for your annual holidays. The inclusion of good-quality 316 Marine grade stainless steel window security screens and security screen doors will give you significantly more of a barrier against anyone who had devilish intentions and may want to break into your home whilst you're sipping your Chardonnay overlooking the beach. On the Seconline site you will be able to gain access to a host of information so as to help you with measuring as well as some installation tips and guides. Support is available by contacting us direct via phone on 1300 735 405  during Eastern Standard Daylight Saving Time. You can also email us or visit our online chat as well.

All work and no play can make Jack and Jill very dull and we would always encourage you to take your time out each year or as regularly as possible for you and your family to enjoy this with the peace of mind that your home is as secure as you can possibly make it. 

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