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Colour choices

Seconline Colour Selector Seconline Colour Selector

At Seconline we offer a great deal of support when it comes to helping our customers make the best decision in regard to their individual purchases of security screen doors and security window screens as well as their insect screens. One question that we get quite frequently is with regards to insect screens. What type of mesh should I choose: standard fibreglass, Midge mesh or should I choose Paw Proof pet resistant mesh? These and many other questions are what we are well equipped to answer given that there will be reasons why a specific product would be more suitable based on simple product knowledge, costs and the customer's location. One of the questions that we sometimes find very difficult is the one surrounding the customer’s colour choice.

Architects have over the years expanded the colour range from the basics to a myriad of colour choices available and this has made the decision process for our customers a little more difficult to advise upon given the fact we are usually giving the advice via email or over the phone. We are not interior designers and therefore are limited in our ability to give the best decision for their particular application. Where possible we can offer limited advice based on standard colours that may be already existing. For example, downpipe colours, window extrusion colours, gutters and roof colours as well as the overall colour of the dwelling can sometimes lead to a very easy common-sense decision that we can help our customers to make.

Emailing or texting photos can also help us to assist our customers in this decision process; however, it is not the same as being at the house with exact colour swatches. Many colours are able to complement other colours, but we are very reluctant to suggest adding new colours to the existing colour choices that have already been made. Having said that, many colours do blend well with other colours; for example, some heritage colours would be Manor red, Hawthorn green and Primrose. If we were looking at a house that had Primrose windows and Manor red gutters and downpipes and a heritage green or cottage green roller door then it certainly would be out of place to have a heritage green security door and perhaps even security screens. Another good example of colours that mix well are the copy-type colours such as Jasper that would blend well with the beige-type colours such as stone beige and dune. If these colours were present then it may be perhaps a good suggestion to actually obtain colour swatches with a view to blending these colours to great effect.

One very safe bet when it comes to colours is the colour black; however, not in all cases. Black particularly blends well with darker colour tones and will have the most minimalist effect. 316 Marine grade stainless steel mesh is black and if a black door frame was chosen then automatically this would have included black hinges and a black lock whether that be a single lock or a three-point lock. This can look quite effective if no other standard colours are available and usually can be easily visualised. Pool fences are generally black for this specific reason.

On our website we have a link through to the Dulux Powdercoat chart if our customers cannot make a decision based on our standard colours which are listed on our website. Our customers then have the option of paying a nominal fee to have their specific frame colours powder coated.

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