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Petway Pet Doors

Petway Pet DoorsPetway Pet Doors

At Seconline we offer our customers a great ever-growing selection of additional products. As you peruse down through the various products you will come across three different-size pet doors that can be added to any of our screen doors for a very minimal cost. 

The small pet doors are available in four standard colours: white, primrose, black and beige. They are UV stabilised and provide a very slim fit with no interference if required for sliding diamond screen doors. The opening size of the small door is 240mm high by 190mm wide. These are recommended for small dogs, cats, etc.

Medium-size pet doors are also available in the same standard colours of primrose, black, white and beige and are also UV stabilised. Slim fitting is again the same characteristic and with  standard clearance will be adaptable to a sliding 7mm diamond screen door as well. The opening size of the medium-size door is 305mm high by 225mm wide.

The large pet door has an opening size of 400mm high by 260mm wide. Again they are available in the four basic standard colours of primrose, black, white and beige. They are also slim fitting and adaptable to 7mm diamond sliding screen doors.

They are quite simple to install to any standard 7mm diamond screen door whether it be hinged or sliding. Full instructions are included and measuring guidelines as well. You will need simple basic tools as well as a spline roller to roll the fly mesh back into the provided channel around the outside of the door. A large table or work horses are ideal for this simple process. You will need to remove the door and lay it down on a flat surface exposing the fly mesh side upwards.

At Seconline, unless otherwise nominated, we always install the pet door directly below the lock as this makes the most amount of sense particularly for a sliding door. It is silly to have the pet door installed in the middle or to the opposite side of the lock as this would mean that the glass door would have to be completely open so as to give access to the pet door. It is preferable to only have to open the door slightly, particularly in windy or rainy weather. In the case of a hinged door it would make more sense also to have the pet door directly below the lock; however, some people do prefer for the sake of symmetry to have the pet door installed in the middle of the door. As stated, unless otherwise specified, we will always place the pet door directly under the lock.

You can purchase a Petway pet door as a one-off item and you can also purchase it to have it installed to a new door custom made to your specific measurements. Seconline thoroughly recommends the good quality of Petway pet doors.  

For further information regarding pet doors or any of our products available on Seconline website simply call 1300  735405 or email us at

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