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We've Been Working Hard

At Seconline we have been busy investigating new ways we can provide more DIY security doors& products to our customers, however not just doors. We get a lot of enquiry about hopper windows or casement windows and how exactly you can fit fly screens to them. Hopper or casement outward opening windows can be problematic to insect screen as screens must be mounted internally. One solution is to use a hinging system. The most commonly used hinges are friction hinges. These hinges are designed to be screwed to opposite corners of the rebated window so as to pivot hinge and allow access to the window lock.

Friction hinges are precisely 12 mm wide to allow 11 mm fly frame to be inserted snugly into them and then held tight with a simple pop rivet. 

Generally when making allowances for window screens to fit in to a recess or a rebate you would need to take a 2 mm width and height deduction, however an additional 1 mm deduction will need to be added to which ever specification side that the hinges are required, either height or width. This then will allow you to fit your screen and allow you to either lift your screen up to access the lock or hinge out from either left or right. 

Friction hinges are designed to accommodate 11 mm fly frame only.

Introducing French Security Sliding Screen Doors

Double centre opening sliding doors are now available at Seconline. They are available in the following door types.

  • 7 mm diamond

  • 316 marine grade Stainless Steel Mesh Security Doors

  • 316 marine grade Stainless Steel Mesh Security Doors in wood grain finish

  • AluGard Edge Security Screen Doors

To find centre opening sliding doors simply click on sliding doors in the navigation bar at the top of the page, then select centre opening doors located in red (Looking for double doors?) in the top right hand corner and make your selection.

For all measuring and installation help simply click on the red question mark located in the top of every page and select centre opening sliding security doors.


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