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Hopper & Casement Windows

At Seconline we can custom make insect screens and window screens/grilles to your exact specifications. By simply following our guides located in our FAQ and product pages you can order your items online, right here!

If you are thinking of fitting Seconline fly screens or 316 stainless steel mesh security screens internally to hopper or casement style windows, it is imperative that you measure and fit them correctly so as to obtain a good insect seal as well as providing good security.

Some windows will come with window winders already installed. If however they are not, then installation is usually quite simple. Most reputable brand window winders will have instructions. Usually it is only two screws that hold the winder to the sill, and two screws that hold the end of the chain onto the window.

Most winders you will notice have a provision for a standard 11 mm fly screen or a steel mesh security screen to sit on top of them. In most cases you will also have to install infill’s on either side of the winder at the bottom. This can be done with angle or timber as would be the case with most stained windows.

At Seconline can supply 12 mm x 25 mm angle that you can trim to fill in these gaps. You will have two use snips or a hacksaw for this process. The 12 mm of the angle faces the outside and is screwed to the bottom of the window so as not to see the screw heads from the inside. The 25 mm faces up and will be behind the screen inside looking out. This provides insect protection at the bottom on either side of winder. When the screen sits on top of the winder is usually 20 mm high. This then allows 5 mm of angle to go behind the fly screen. Timber can also be used to infill the spaces either side of the winder as well.

Also your screen/window grille will have to have a stop to locate and minimize gaps on the edge. If these are not part of the existing window then they can be installed either with timber or a PVC style beading. At second line we can provide PVC beading to specific lengths in three standard colours White, Primrose, and Brown. Beading can be either nailed, screwed, or in the case of aluminium windows riveted. Again email measurements and amounts for a price

At Seconline as we make your insect screens, we can if requested put two small springers inside the frames at 100 mm down from the top on both sides. If so when you fit the new screens you will simply tap the back of the Springer with a hammer to form an indentation on the window framing which will locate the screens at the top. If the timber is soft as in the case with cedar windows, a gentle tap will sometimes provide enough indentation without the need to drill holes, however it will provide a mark to indicate the location. If you feel that the indentation is not sufficient, then simply use a 5 mm drill and make the indentations deeper. The screen will then be located on top of the winder and position and held in place by the springers. This allows easy removal for cleaning.

This is not the case if fitting a security 316 Marine Grade Stainless or Galvanised steel mesh grille and also 7 mm diamond window grilles. They will require additional fixing in the form of screws or rivets. These can either be screwed off at an angle so as to pick up the window sill, or fixed at the back with additional beading or angle. 

Usually there are no centre bars on the main window in the case of the casement windows, therefore you may wish not to have centre bars on your fly screens as you may feel this will cause a visual impairment. You can request not to have centre bars included as you order them. As the fly screens will be on the inside of the window, they are usually more protected and the need for a centre strength bar is somewhat diminished. This is a personal choice.

NOTE: if you do not request the omission when ordering insect screens, then they will come with centre bars. Our entire range of flyscreen and security screens are located here.

Suggested deductions. For more info click over to our FAQ page.

WIDTHS. 2/3 mm. HEIGHTS. 2/3 mm

Good Luck! Seconline

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