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Lock Side Selection

When choosing the lock side for your Seconline sliding screen door or hinged screen door then it is important to give some thought to just exactly where you would like to have that lock, both in height and the side, and some thought also needs to be given as to exactly the best long-term position for that lock from an access point of view.

First of all it is absolutely imperative that when viewing the lock side it is done from the outside looking in. This is so at the factory we know without any shadow of a doubt the correct side to install your lock to your security door. If, for example, you viewed your lock from the inside looking out then for arguments sake you chose a left-hand lock then in your mind's eye if you were to go out and turn around and look at the lock that you have chosen you would see that it is now on the right-hand side of the door and this would be incorrect. Again I will repeat the most important single aspect of measuring a lock for both sliding and hinged security screen doors is to be on the outside looking in.

Now, the only other decision that has to be made is the lock height. Obviously we do not want it at the same height as your existing solid core door handle or glass sliding door handle and so the simple process to eliminate these two locks clashing is to make the decision whether you want it above the existing or below the existing.

For locks above the existing simply measure from the ground to the top of the existing glass door lock or solid core door lock and add a minimum of 125mm. This will be your new lock handle and tongue centre height.You can add an additional amount if you require. Some reasons to do this would be to keep door handles high so that children cannot access. This would be the case if you lived on a busy street and did not want your child to gain access easily. Some other reasons for having high door locks are state pool laws. Wise to check with your local council regarding the specific requirements and also to check your state legislation.

For locks below the existing, measure from the ground from the top of the bottom track to the bottom of the solid core door or existing glass sliding door handle and deduct a minimum of 60mm. This will be your new lock handle and tongue centre height. If you require the handle lower than 60mm then that should be okay provided there are no other restrictions. Some people do require a lower lock for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons may include a large step outside that would require the person utilising the lock to be down one maybe two steps and therefore not have to reach up to the security door lock. Another reason may be to give small children access to the lock if required. This is a personal choice and provided you are 60mm at a minimum below this lock height can be varied.

It is widely accepted as a norm that the two doors lock on the same side. In other words as you look at your door is from the outside looking in then the screen door or hinged security door will lock on the left-hand side as will the solid core door lock. This is not always a good idea. For example, you may walk out a left-hand door to turn immediately right to follow a pathway to a clothesline or a garage. Also immediately to the left may be a wall and you would have to walk out and around the door in all of these cases to gain quick access. In my opinion this needs to be thought about; however, having said that usually within one or two weeks after the door is installed whatever option will be accepted and used.

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