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Difference between a Hinged Security and Barrier Door

In Australia standards requirements for security doors vary from state to state. Some states have actually no standards and there is little or no requirements and no classification for security doors. Some states have very definite and clear defined tests and requirements and for the definition of a security door. Barrier doors have actually no known requirements and their definition would be to provide some form of safety barrier between the inside and the outside of the closed door as would a security door. When choosing a particular door many things will come into a purchases consideration. Firstly the look of the door. If you were to choose a grille as a decorative feature for your door, then this would then become the feature door as it would dominate any features from a street or external view to your existing or solid door. You can also choose a diamond patterned plain grille style door or a cast type door which may be if built correctly classed as a security door in some states.

More recently steel mesh and perforated aluminium mesh doors have become more popular as they tend to allow a view through to the main door and not become the feature door whilst offering in most cases a higher degree of safety then a diamond or cast grille. One of the main reasons these styles of mesh doors offer greater degree of security is they have no open sections and do not require fly mesh therefore leave little opportunity for penetration so as to remove the grill or operate the internal snip lock externally. Seconline manufacture two types of security screen doors; firstly the Defendoor with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and secondly the Alu-Gard Edge with perforated aluminium mesh.

Also a consideration when choosing a door would be the type of lock. Typically there are only two types of deadlock for hinged barrier doors all security doors and they are a single lock and a three-point lock. Single locks are nearly always located in the centre of the door either above or below the existing solid door lock. They will have an internal keyless locking function, as well as a key locking function which will also deadlock the lock either from the outside or the inside. They will also have the door handles. Three point lock or triple locks will have the above same lock as well and also have same internal locking function, however it will also have a top and bottom lock located top and bottom of the door and all three will deadlock with the key from inside or out. The top and bottom locks are connected to the main lock body with either rods or cables depending on the particular door lock brand chosen within the door frame. People can often be confused as they think they have to lock this lock at three points, however this is not the case. Fundamentally the locks operate identically whether they are a single lock or a three-point lock, the additional work has to be done in the installation and manufacture of the door only. From a functionality point of view, once the door is built and correctly installed there is very little difference, however from a security or safety point of view there is a tremendous difference. A three-point lock door is locked into the locking style of the door jamb at three points and offers considerable more strength to the overall door lock for fundamentally the same effort.

In summary, only security doors are manufactured with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Perforated Aluminium mesh. Diamond patterned grills and Decorative cast type grills are installed into barrier doors only. All can have single locks, all can have three point locks and fundamentally can be identical in function and in strength. Variances from state to state in the requirements for definition can vary, but fundamentally for a door to comply with the Australian standards and classified as a security door it must be manufactured to comply with documented and tested standards within the chosen state. It would be erroneous to define a security door as a stronger door than a Barrier door as this may not be the case. A security door is simply made to a standard.

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