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Differences between single and three point locks

This is a very common question asked when purchasing Security Screen Doors Online from Seconline, firstly we need to explain the difference between the two locking systems.

A single locked door is a door with one central lock only. This lock is located in the centre of either the right-hand side or the left-hand side outside looking in (you can choose either left or right side lock and a precise lock).

Triple locks also have one central lock, however, they also have an internal rod that connect to two additional locks, one above the main lock and one below the main lock. 

Both locking systems have an internal snib that enables it to be locked internally without using the key. By using the key you are able to deadlock the main lock, and with the triple locking system the top and bottom locks also in one simple single process.

Triple locks are significantly more secure as opposed to a single lock for the simple reason that it locks at three points on the jamb, a little more work is required when installing three point locks, however, after installation they operate identically.

In conclusion triple locks are slightly more expensive and a little harder to install then a single lock, however, significantly more secure and well worth the additional cost and labour.

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