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Inspection of Your Security Requirements

The need for security around your home and shedding can vary by location, accessibility and level of visibility. There is no rhyme or reason why one house is burgled while another house is not; however, suffice to say there was a reason that the burglar chose one that would make sense to him and possibly to anyone else who was considering the same objective. One then needs to think a little along the lines of how exactly a burgler or would-be thief may be thinking when they view your property and the surrounding properties in your neighbourhood.

Having said that now perhaps we can gain a different insight to just exactly how easy or difficult our property would be in terms of access for a thief. One of the first areas to look at would be ones such as pergolas and back verandas. These areas are sometimes hidden and late in the afternoon or at night or early in the morning can be quite dark; therefore, they would allow a good environment for someone to spend a little time to penetrate these areas. One of the great deterrents is obviously sensor lighting, although this will not deter anyone during daylight hours. If you find that these areas have vulnerable points then this would be a good area to increase the level of security. If you have doors or windows that have glass that could be easily smashed, it would be wise to have a security screen or security screen door installed, preferably with three point locking and woven steel mesh. This would increase the level of security to these areas dramatically.

When walking around the outer areas of your house, if you find areas that are hidden by trees it would be a good suggestion to prune or remove these trees so as to open up the visibility to your home. Also when viewing these areas, if you have large areas of glass then it also may be a good idea to have security screens installed so as to be able to leave windows open for ventilation while you are there and perhaps in your absence, also increasing the level of security to these areas.

Some additional tips: If you have a manhole that is accessible from the outside then secure it with a lock. If you do not have deadlocks installed to all your external doors than it would be wise to do so. A good locksmith should be able to key them up to the existing doors and also the security doors. Burglar alarms are a good idea and the best of these would perhaps be the back to base options.  These will alert a third party in your absence so as to initiate an inspection and any further action if required. It may be wise to engage a professional and also to ask many questions in regard to the different types of alarms that are available on the market and how they work in such cases as power outages, or if a burglar happens to turn off your power at your power box, etc.

Perimeter cameras are now available and work through a Wi-Fi. They are quite inexpensive and can be set up by a handyman in most cases. Again, there are professionals who do this and if you are not confident that you can do it properly it would be wise to engage one. Signage to all of these is also a great deterrent. If a would-be thief is looking at your home and sees that there are surveillance cameras and burglar alarm signs, than it may put an element of doubt into his or her mind as to the risk level they may engage if they were to attempt to break into your home and may make them make another decision. Sometimes a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign can also act as a fairly good deterrent and the real thing, a barking dog at someone's feet creating a noise, is probably significantly better.

Whatever your level of security now it is always wise to have a mindset to improve or upgrade. If you can avoid the scene and absolute feeling of devastation that would beset anyone who would come home to their place of rest to find it had been totally violated by someone, I think it would be work well done.

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