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Choosing a Security Door


Our precious family home is the biggest investment we will possibly make in our working lives. In most cases it takes many years and sometimes two incomes to finally pay a home loan out. When it comes time to make decisions about our home security then it should be a decision that is allocated a lot of thought.

Security can come in many forms. It can come in the form of an alarm system. It can also come in the form of proper planning such as security lighting, keeping trees trimmed in areas where visual access may be impaired, locking back gates and side gates that may provide easy entry for unwanted intruders and it may also involve making some decisions on installing good-quality security screen doors and security screens for the windows.

This decision can be one that needs to be considered from a variety of angles. The first and possibly most important consideration should be the level of security that is required given the history of issues that may have taken place. If there had been a previous or recent burglary or an attempt at a break-in then a high level of security would be needed. If, however, there is no history of a burglary or break-in then it is possibly not the best time to be complacent when this decision is to be made. I believe a far better premise would be to make your property significantly more difficult to break into than anyone else’s property in your street so as to deter any unwanted intruders. Having said that, I would not wish any of your neighbours ill will.

The most effective and aesthetically pleasing security product that has come onto the market thus far is the 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh security doors and screens. At Seconline we manufacture the 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh screens, with a tensile strength of up to 1060 mega pascals. 

One of the main reasons why steel mesh is such a wonderful new product to come onto the market is that it is quite transparent; however, very strong. If you were to install steel mesh screens and doors then they would give the appearance of standard fly screens that you would have on any of your windows. If you had an attractive front door with lead lighting or some design that was there to give your house a degree of character then this product would allow that door to still remain the featured door rather than the older types of screen security doors that had diamond grilles or cast-type grilles that were quite busy in nature and had the effect of hiding your front door.

Another significant reason that these products are a much better option than the diamond-patterned grilles or the more ornate cast-type grilles is the obvious fact that you cannot put your hands inside the mesh and gain entry by being able to pull the grille completely out of the outer frame. This is simply not possible with a steel mesh type of security door or security grille.

Protect your home and family with Seconline Security Screen Doors Online!

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