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Front Doors

The front of your house is the entry point in most cases to any visitors that may arrive. It is the main focal point to any home and to a large extent will have a lasting impression upon a new visitor to a home. There are a large variety of front doors available and many people like to make this a statement and a point of difference as in most cases it is viewed from the street and first impressions can be important.

Coupled with the desire to have an attractive front entry to our homes is the desire to have reasonable protection or a barrier between you and the unknown person who may perhaps knock or ring our front door bell. Nothing could be more uncomfortable than opening the door after dark to a complete stranger with absolutely nothing between you and them, and therein lies one of the main reasons people would choose to have a barrier door or security door installed to the front door of their home.

Older homes will have in some cases a very lightweight insect screen door that was possibly all that was required 30 to 50 years ago; however, times have changed and the need for additional security as well as insect protection has escalated dramatically. During the 70s, 80s and 90s it was commonplace to have a diamond patterned lockable door or an aluminium cast-type door installed and this proved to be a reasonable and effective addition to the security and a good barrier door to talk through whilst locked.

This, however, presented lots of homeowners with a very unsightly and somewhat ugly feature door that covered up their main door which was intended at the time of building to be the main feature door. During the late 90s and in the earlier part of the century the introduction of woven steel mesh and perforated mesh doors became available and have proven to be extremely successful in two main areas. The first was simply the fact that they were significantly stronger and did not allow a would-be thief or intruder to perhaps put their hands inside the grille and gain leverage with the intention of extracting the grille from the door frame whilst still in the locked position. And so security was increased without increasing the visual impairment that was the case with diamond and cast-type doors.

Perhaps the greatest reason for the huge growth in woven steel mesh doors is the fact that it allows your main front door to still be the feature door. Because of the fly mesh-type look that these doors have and the low visual impact it allows any sort of existing feature such as lead lighting, glass panelling, etc. to be able to be seen through the mesh and give somewhat less of an imprisonment look. So coupled with the additional security and given the fact that fingers could no longer gain access through the mesh and also the fact that the screen door was no longer the feature it was pretty much a no-brainer that this product would gain traction in the marketplace.

Seconline was created several years ago with the intention of allowing customers to peruse and purchase both 316 Marine grade stainless steel sliding and hinged doors direct from the website made to their specific measurements. Also available are a range of window grilles using the same product that also give the fly mesh look. These are proven to be extremely successful and customers’ feedback have been enormously encouraging to us here at Seconline.

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