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MegaMesh! 316 Stainless steel fly screen mesh

MegaMesh! 316 Stainless steel fly screen mesh


Seconline's Stainless Steel fly screen mesh is BAL rated to protect your home against bushfire in areas from BAL-LOW up to and including BAL-40.

MegaMesh 316 Stainless steel fly mesh is available in the hinged and sliding FLY range of doors, fly screens, and as an optional upgrade in the Diamond + Fly range of hinged and sliding screen doors.

  1. Strength and Durability: The product is designed to be strong and durable, which means it can withstand various conditions and last for a long time without damage or wear.

  2. Better Ventilation and Light Transmission: Unlike standard window screens, this product allows for improved airflow and light transmission. It enables fresh air to enter while keeping insects and pests out.

  3. Mosquito, Insect, and Vermin Resistant: The screen is designed to prevent mosquitoes, insects, and vermin from entering your space, providing protection against these unwanted pests.

  4. 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel: The use of 316 marine grade stainless steel ensures superior corrosion resistance, making it suitable for areas exposed to harsh weather conditions or coastal environments.

  5. Salt Spray Tested to 2,000 Hours: The product has been subjected to rigorous salt spray testing, indicating its ability to withstand exposure to saltwater environments without significant corrosion or deterioration.

  6. Decorative Black Coating: The screen comes with a decorative black coating, enhancing its appearance and providing an aesthetic appeal.

  7. Quick and Easy to Clean: Cleaning the screen is a hassle-free process, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring that it remains in good condition over time.

  8. BAL–40 Compliant: The screen meets the requirements of BAL–40 compliance, which refers to its ability to withstand bushfire attack and comply with relevant building regulations for areas prone to bushfires.

Overall, with its strength, durability, improved ventilation and light transmission, resistance to pests and corrosion, ease of maintenance, and compliance with safety standards, this product is a versatile choice for various applications. If you have any additional questions please contact the team at Seconline today!

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