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Making your own Insect Screens

Most good hardware stores will have all the necessary material for you to make your fly screens yourself if you so desire. It isn’t a difficult job, but it is a time-consuming job. First of all you need to take your measurements so as to work out the quantities that you will be requiring. Once you have done this then you need to make a list of all the necessary componentry.

For every one screen you will need the following:

  1. You will need four corner stakes for each individual fly screen. These go into the individual outer edges to join the corners together at a 45° angle. You will need a mitre saw or a mitre box so as to cut the outer frame at a 45°.

  2. The outer frame. You will need to calculate the lineal metres of the outside of your screens so as to calculate the amount of frame you will need. It would be wise to add a little extra as you will incur some off-cuts.

  3. Fly mesh: again you will have to work out the overall lineal metres that you require and the widest width. Fly screen usually comes in three main widths: 760 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm.

  4. Spline: this will be the same as the lineal metres required for the outer frame and a little extra, just in case.

  5. Plastic handles: these are situated at the bottom in the middle of every screen so as to help when the screen is to be installed or if it is needed to be removed.

  6. Roller: you will need a roller to enable you to roll the fly mesh into the channel at the back of the fly frame.

  7. A flat bench: you will need a very flat area that is preferably non-abrasive so as to not scratch the outer frame. A piece of carpet or an old blanket will possibly work well.

Making your own fly screens can be a very time-consuming job particularly if you do not have the correct tools for the job. A much easier way of manufacturing your fly screens is to allow us here at Seconline to manufacture them for you, if you consider the above and all that you will need to do and consider also that a hardware store will have more markup on an individual purchase in comparison to the quantity purchases that we here at Seconline are able to make.

If you were to consider the amount of effort and time and exposure to possible errors in both calculation and lack of experience in the manufacture of DIY fly screens compared to the ability to simply order them direct from our factory at wholesale prices then I think the effort to make them yourself certainly would not be cost-effective or sensible, and would erode your valuable time.

At Seconline we provide a service to the DIY market that allows them to simply measure, order and install their own insect screens, security screens, security doors and a vast amount of extras that may be needed to completely insect proof or add significant security to your family home.

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