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Lock Heights for Hinge Doors

When measuring a hinged Security or Barrier or Screen Door it is important to consider what type of lock you require, it is just as important to consider the height of the lock as well as the locking side of the door that you would like to have your lock fitted.

Three-point locking is an option when choosing a Hinged Security or Barrier Door. Three-point locking allows the door to lock at the top in the middle and at the bottom all with one simultaneous action with either the key or the internal snib locking device. Three-point locks are very seldom necessary on sliding doors as they will generally go into a closing U channel, and to bend a door up that is locked into U channel would be significantly difficult. A hinged Security or Barrier Door is a different matter; the door is not kept in the jamb with anything but the centre locking tongue, however in the case of a three point lock; the three tongues. It is not essential for the locking of the door to have a three-point lock, however it obviously makes it significantly more secure.

At Seconline we recommend that you measure your door from the outside looking in. This is so that we have some consistency in the knowledge of your lock side desire. If you were to be inside looking at your door to the outside then your lock then would be on the opposite side and this would not be correct. It is absolutely imperative that we have a distinct understanding that all lock sides are taken from the outside looking in perspective.

All hinged door locks provided by Seconline have the locking tongue at exactly the same height as the centre of the handle. Therefore when deciding what height you would like your handle you will also know the height of the tongue and the locations for the lock cut out in your door jamb.

To accurately measure your lock height you have two options:

1. If you have a door that is a good fit and there is already a hole made for an existing lock, and has ensured that measurements will allow for the door handle to miss your existing solid door handle then simply measure from the ground to the centre of the existing hole and add 4 mm.

2. Measure from the bottom of the jamb to where you would like your handle to be. If you would like your handle above an existing door lock then measure from the ground to the top of the existing door lock and add 125 mm. If you would like your new lock to be below the existing door lock then measure from the ground to the bottom of this existing lock and deduct 60 mm. These two height measurements when you decide above or below will be the new handle height to record and provide to us at Seconline.

For further information measuring Seconline's full range of Security Screen Door and Screen products; select the DIY Info Centre option from the top navigation bar found on each page of our site.


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