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What is a Rebate?

A rebate is a recess in a door jamb that provides a stop for the screen door.

This rebate can be either timber, aluminium, or steel. The thickness of a standard Seconline security screen door is 20 mm. Some rebates will have a deeper recess of some times up to 35 mm. 

This is not a serious issue, however, the door may not strike correctly as it closes. This can be overcome by using a longer striker plate. This would have to be requested in the special notes of our website. when ordering your hinged security screen Seconline door. 

If your door jamb does not have a rebate for a hinged screen security door, then provided it is flat and has enough clearance from the existing solid door,  a rebate can be created by using beading. This beading can be timber, steel, aluminium, or PVC. 

Ideally for a Seconline door, a rebate of 20 to 25 mm would be perfect. And only needs a step up stop of 12 mm. If it is greater than 12 mm, it can hit on the lock body as the door is closed on to the created rebate.

Seconline security screen hinged door handles protrude inward by 33 mm. Seconline door frame thickness is 20 mm. Therefore the overall distance from the outside of your door jamb to the face of your existing solid door in the closed position needs to be a minimum of 55 mm.

Care also must be given to the clearance from the door handle of your solid closed door in the closed position. This handle must not protrude outward past the rebate intended for the new hinged security screen door.

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