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Don't spoil your view!

When it comes to considering your family’s safety, security and the protection of your valuable items within your home, then you need to also consider the aesthetic look that additional security in the form of security doors and security window screen grilles may cause.

Some homes, through desperation, frustration and the sheer desire to have protection on their homes, have gone to the lengths of installing steel bars and steel grilles to their windows and doors. This has a very high visual appearance as well as feeling in some cases like being in a prison-type environment. This is a very effective method of protecting your home; however, it is somewhat unsightly and in lots of cases perhaps an overkill.

Diamond grilles and screen doors were very much the flavour for security back in the 80's and 90's; however, as time has progressed, we have now many companies producing high-grade security window screens and security doors in woven steel mesh. This has the appearance from a short distance of say a few feet or a metre of looking like fly screens and so has a very low visual impact whilst retaining a great degree of security. It cannot be said that any measure of security would not be impenetrable if the desire to penetrate was there by a person intent on gaining entry that way. There are many cordless tools and all manner of leveraged devices that if a person was given the right environment so as not to be disturbed then there is very little that one can do to absolutely secure their home from this type of intent. One perhaps would have to live on an island with radar, sonar and surrounded by a 200 foot wall inside a castle with a moat to be totally secure and this is ridiculous and not possible.

Most of us live in very close confinement to our neighbours as we are urban-dwelling human beings and so the desire to cluster together in towns and villages and cities is desirable for all manner of reasons. Therefore, we need to have some level of protection for our homes, particularly whilst we are living in them. This brings me back to the compromise between a super high level of security and low visual impact. Woven steel mesh security doors and security screens offer a very high level of security and will have a very low visual impact from a street view. Also, whilst you are living in the home and walking from room to room or looking out over your view that you may have in abundance then you will not be having the diminishing effect of steel bars to interrupt your view.

The installation of security screen doors and security screens is not now out of the reach of the average person if one were to consider the cost of having custom-made steel bars fitted to the windows and doors of your home.

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