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Additional Tips for Measuring

Measuring for a security screen door online or a security window screen or even an insect screen is not difficult, but it can be quite daunting to someone who has not had a lot of experience in this area; therefore, Seconline would like to offer the following tips.

  1. It is a distinct advantage to have someone with you when you are taking measurements to record the measurements. If you are measuring and you are constantly putting down your tape measure to pick up your pen and paper to do recordings it can be quite tedious and also can lead to perhaps an error in the recording process.

  2. When measuring focus intently on the measurement and avoid any additional distractions such as conversations regarding the installation. If the person who is assisting you insists on talking ask them to refrain until you have taken the measurement and they have recorded it. It is very easy for a person who has little or no experience in taking measurements to make an error at this point and so conversation and distractions should be limited.This then will reduce the likelihood of making an error.

  3. At Seconline we request the measurements in millimetres. This means measurements must be recorded to the nearest millimetre without any reference to centimetres. For example, 140cm should be recorded as 1400mm; 82.1 cm should be recorded as 821mm. It is imperative that we all operate with the same mindset when it comes to the taking and recording of measurements.

  4. At Seconline we also request that you give us the actual door make size with all deductions made. Different people may have different versions of variations in deductions and therefore we will not make deductions off tight sizes; we request that you make your individual deductions prior to submitting your measurements. There are recommendations as to deductions available for each individual product on the Seconline website. At the top of each page on the site there is a red question mark indicating the DIY info button. By clicking this it will take you through to measuring and installation tips where you will find guidelines for deductions on each individual product as well as a host of other information that may be relevant to your particular application.

  5. Recording the actual measurements and making your deductions at a later point when there is full focus with no distractions is also wise. If you are attempting to make your deductions at the point you are measuring then you are exposing yourself to a possible mistake. We believe it will be a much better and simpler operation if you have the exact measurements and are able to apply the deductions either mentally or with a calculator at a later point. Remember: Whatever measurements you supply will be the exact measurements we fabricate your products at. We do not make deductions!

Don't forget to use our comprehensive Measuring Guides! DIY Info Centre

At all times during the measuring process please feel free to contact us here in the Seconline office for any additional information or for anything that you’re finding hard to understand. Also, your particular application may have individual quirks that have not been mentioned in our DIY info centre and so you may have the need for some particular questions and we encourage you to contact us either via direct phone on 1300  735405 or via email at Also available on the Seconline website is a direct chat icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of every page that will give you access to support during the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


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