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Diamond or Woven Steel Mesh Door?


It is a common question that is not only asked here at the support team at Seconline but also between the parties choosing the door, so in an attempt to add some clarity to this decision process I have the following comments to offer.

Sometimes it is a question of security or safety and the level of strength in a door and sometimes it is a question of cost versus product and so this decision can become a little difficult.

It would go without saying that a 316 Marine grade stainless steel security door would be significantly stronger and offer a greater barrier to intruders than, say for example, a 7 mm diamond door. Having said that there is also a significant difference in the price with a 7 mm diamond, the diamond door being significantly less expensive. Family budgets have to be structured so as to weigh up the cost versus benefits when making decisions.

The benefits of a 7 mm diamond door over a standard fly mesh door that is just for restricting insects are many and not to be minimised. The 7 mm diamond door will offer a reasonable barrier and additional protection for your home. They will have the same locking mechanism as the woven steel mesh doors whether it be a three-point locking system or just a single lock; both locks will be of equal quality and have the same identical operational procedures. Both locks will have an internal snip lock that does not require the keys to lock, both will be accessible from both sides with a key and both will have two keys provided with the door. The frame of a 7 mm diamond door, however, is significantly lighter than the frame used for the steel mesh woven security doors, therefore obviously will not be as strong. The 7 mm diamond grille is riveted to the outer frame as against the steel mesh doors have a very clever vertical leg that entraps the mesh upon impact. The downside to the 7 mm diamond grille is that the mesh is quite open and will allow strong hands to grab the mesh as against the woven steel mesh with mesh pattern that is much tighter and restricts any type of finger or hand access, leaving much less leverage.

Some people to save cost will choose the steel mesh woven doors for the front or more obvious doors that are visible from the street or front of the house and then choose 7 mm diamond doors for laundry doors and sliding doors on patios and back decks, etc. that are less visible. This can save them considerably; however, it must be understood that this will diminish the level of security.

So when it comes down to the decision between the 316 Marine grade stainless steel door over a 7 mm diamond door, it can be summed up this way. If you are wanting to save money then the 7 mm diamond doors will achieve this. If you are wanting additional security to your home then the 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh doors will help achieve this.

With all of your decisions regarding fly screens or security screens, security doors whether they be sliding or hinged, and you need additional help then please contact the support office on 1300 735 405 during office hours and our team will be only too happy to assist you. I hope this helps in your decision process.

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