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Blog - Security Door Choices

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When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your valuable assets then your need for security cannot be compromised. Buying a product with your hard-earned money that is the correct one for your particular application is something that you should give a great degree of thought to prior to a purchase.

For a door to be rated as a security door it must pass the relevant Australian standards. Independent laboratories such as NATA is one authority that can provide a test assurance of technical competence for any company that requires it.

NATA sees its role to serve the Australian interest by ensuring that their facilities comply with relevant Australian standards and  are more than competent to provide consistently reliable testing to industry as part of Australia’s standards and conformance infrastructure. They are one of four bodies that form this infrastructure.

NATA provide an important mechanism for improving  business efficiency and allowing the public through their results to see the real competitiveness of Australian industries.

NATA provides organisations proficiency testing schemes to achieve and demonstrate a level of competence.

As well as test results there are certain other common sense criteria that would make security door selection an easier choice to make. For example, in the case of a hinged door it is wise to always have three-point locking and in addition to this three hinges. When it comes to sliding security doors it is wise again to have a proper deadlock and for the door to interlock on the opposite side. These locks should have all relevant Australian test result compliance.

A woven steel mesh is a significantly better option than an open mesh such as 7 mm diamond which is very common and was popular towards the latter part of last century. Woven steel mesh products as well as perforated aluminium mesh products have become significantly better options for the simple reason that they are more secure. The reason is that they have no finger access from the outside. In other words, unlike 7 mm diamond which is quite open in patent, both woven steel mesh products and perforated aluminium mesh products are quite closed in appearance and would not allow additional leverage by hand. Again these individual mesh products must comply to all necessary standards to be rated as a security product.

Security of your home is something that always must be viewed from the outside looking in as to possible easy access points and also hidden places where time could be taken to gain entry. Always remember that thieves are breaking in, not out, and therefore the more difficult it can be made and the more time needed for them to gain entry, the greater chance of them being unsuccessful or hopefully caught in the act.

Quality companies that are open regarding their products and achieved test results that have been gained from independent companies such as NATA would obviously be better choices than those that are selling unbranded and untested products if they are defining them as a security product.

The most expensive product is not always the most effective or strongest product. All products have costs. Some companies will spend a fortune on advertising to tell you how truly fantastic they are. For anyone to say that their product is superior to anyone else’s needs to have independent test results to truly be able to prove their claims. Australian standards can offer a level for customers to gauge the competency of the product and the company they are looking to purchase from. Independent tests from companies such as NATA will always be a good measure of gauging the credibility of any product from any company.

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