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Winter Security

Well, summer is gone and autumn is here. Some of us will now have a look at our summer needs and perhaps say to ourselves that we can possibly put off the expense now till next summer of renewing our old and tired security doors and security screens and this may well be the case.

There are a couple of things to consider when we look at a decision like this and with security doors or security screens it may be a situation that putting them off may not be necessarily a great decision for the following reasons:

  • Perhaps one of the deciding factors for you to consider installing 

     or security screens was the fact that your old doors and screens were inadequate, looking tired or simply just not up to the modern needs of security around a home. By procrastinating now and thinking that you may be saving money may give your home that wintered, tired look that would suggest that you're not doing your due diligence in regard to security and suggest to a person with devilish intent that you may be easy prey.

  • Having said the above it may well be the case that not only are you making the statement visually by closing your doors and windows and allowing another winter to pass before you attend to the obvious upgrade that is indeed needed, but that you are actually exposing yourself to a security risk.

  • Prices of most goods rarely stay stationary and a mindset of not needing to have this expenditure with a view that it can be put off and an intention that when the bumblebees come out next spring is to some extent kicking the ball along only to have it  enlarged, means it will be more expensive most possibly as security and some related seasonal products tend to have price rises at the beginning of the seasons. So the cost you may be saving now will almost certainly be a more expensive product by the beginning of next spring or the next season. One would have to ask themselves, is it worth the cost savings?

  • People tend to have their swimming pools installed in the summer; also they are likely to have ceiling fans and air conditioning installed in the spring and summer. People are more likely to have heaters installed as well as roof insulation and all sorts of heat- or warmth-related products installed in the winter. Most people buy their clothes in the season they need them. Perhaps a better time to purchase seasonal products is in the opposite season or the end of the season that it is required in. Nearly always at the end of winter will be the best time to buy winter clothing and if you're in the market for a swimming pool then the middle of winter is the time that will find the companies much quieter, the work much cooler to do and the company in need of the cash flow to get them through to the next summer season. Generally at this time if you are looking to negotiate somewhat of a bargain then you would find most companies very willing to negotiate given they are looking at perhaps four to five months of seasonal downturn.

  • Staffing and the costs of holding stock through seasonal downturn is not something that most businesses look forward to; however, it does represent a time of renewal and this can lead to stock clearances and stock clearances sales. At Seconline we try to offer our customers consistent products of a very high quality and at the very lowest possible price. We are not insulated from seasonal downturn as most people will really turn to our products in the summer which is the time they open their doors and windows and reflect on the fact that they have procrastinated and these products will need renewal.

Seconline would ask you to remember that industry price rises will nearly always occur during spring to early summer and ask all of our customers to bear this in mind.

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