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Security Door Colours

Seconline Colour Selector Seconline Colour Selector

When it comes to choosing a colour for your security screen door online or your window security screens and insect screens, as they will be on your home for quite some time, it is possibly a decision that you should give some time and thought to. At Seconline we offer a wide range of standard colours for most of our products.  The standard colours are security screen door online, window security screens, insect screens, Seconline, standard colours, pearl white, Primrose, Birch white, woodland grey, black, deep ocean, brown, bronze anodised, Jasper, dune, surf mist, stone beige, charcoal, ultra silver gloss, monument, clear anodised and a  woodgrain finish that is similar to most Western Red Cedar finishes.

If by some chance you require an additional colour then on the website there is an option for you to choose from the Dulux powder coat range and choose a colour that is more suitable or will match your existing colour choices. This is obviously an option that you would choose if all of our colour range was not suitable and would look entirely out of place as there is a cost to this.

Quite often people, when they are in a state of indecision, will choose the colour black as unlike most other colours it will not stand out in most circumstances and will have the least or most minimalist effect. With our 316 Marine grade stainless steel mesh doors, the mesh is powder coat black and you will have black hinges and black door handles to match and no other colours on the door. In other words the total door will be black in colour. This is to be considered if you are choosing a colour that isn't entirely matched to your particular colour scheme on your home as the only lock colour choices are stone beige, primrose, white and black. So if you are choosing, for example, a deep ocean door then we would automatically install a black lock. Whatever the lock colour we match to the hinge colour.

Sometimes it can look quite effective to mix and match colours. For example, if your colour scheme on your house is Primrose and Manor red then a Hawthorn green door may not look out of place as those three colours blend well together and can sometimes form the colours of the heritage style of look. Another good blending of colours is to add beige-type colours such as Dune stone beige to a dark brick or wall colour. Sometimes it isn't wise to add colours but there are always exceptions, and for the adventurous this can quite often be very effective. Always remember that you will have the colour you have chosen for many years to come.

If at any time you would like a small sample of our colour range mailed to you then please contact our support staff and they will only be too happy to pop one or two in the post for you. This is sometimes a very good idea if you do not have access to the true colours and are in a state of indecision. Quite often people will pick a colour from a plate watch, have it mixed at the paint shop and bring it home to find that once they have applied it to the wall it is significantly different to the swatch and everything that they had imagined it would be. In most cases generally it is darker than they would have necessarily imagined.

The support staff at Seconline are only too happy to help with enquiries regarding paint colours so as our customers can make the very best decision for the long term.

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