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Winter Security Needs

We are now entering the last month of autumn, already the daylight has diminished in the morning and evenings and the temperature has dropped, particularly in the mornings. It is generally at this time of the year we turn our attention away from fly screens and other warm weather related products thinking that it will all return in the spring and we will address any inadequacies then.

However, would-be thieves are not insects and would in no way fit into the same category not to return until we open our windows in the spring. This would be foolhardy thinking in the least and when we procrastinate on our security needs simply because the summer months are behind us and the colder months are ahead it is easy to just close the windows and doors with the mindset of “she’ll be right, we’ll fix it up in spring or summer, no need to worry about it now”.

Insect screens and security screens that may have fallen into disrepair are an obvious entry point to a would-be intruder. Rest assured, spring will return and with it all of the insects that were annoying last summer and with it the need to replace or repair the security screen doors or insect screens. In the words of Benjamin Franklin “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

As we head into the dark colder months of winter we also tend to let the gardens go, the leaves falling off the trees can make a home feel neglected and cold. Winter is a time of dormancy and perhaps it could be time better spent doing all the neglected jobs around the house. Things like pruning trees that are close to the house or that are overgrown, fixing up all the problems around the pool while it is no longer in daily use. Winter can be seen as a time of preparedness for the rebirth of spring, the return of insects and the regeneration of all of our gardens, shrubs and trees.

We are "in the moment" dwellers and sometimes this can lead us to overlook timely events particularly the security of our home, motivation is a very difficult thing in the colder months to maintain, however when it comes to the security of your family and your home and possessions then it may be best to act now. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Sometimes to do things in the opposite season is the most economically beneficial time to do them. Electricians do not like crawling around ceilings in the summertime and will gladly fit a ceiling fan or run cabling for air-conditioning in a cooler winter condition. Everything in the opposite season is usually considerably more cost-effective and wait times will be considerably less.

At Seconline we are in the same situation as people who tend to do things in the season they require them. More attention can be given to expedition of your products out of our factory and more time can be given for any help needed at our support desk. In closing please consider that it may be counter-productive and not the best decision to close your doors and windows to avoid the cost of replacing your Security Window Screens or Security Screen Doors until spring, securing your home is a year long necessity.


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