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Is Your Home Firesafe?

In Australia, our harsh landscape and climate are demanding the need for our homes and towns to significantly increase measures to ensure fire safety. Aside from the growing need for bushfire protection, a new Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 has been implemented, this standard is now mandatory.

Due to the different forest types in Australia, it can make it difficult to contain small start-up fires or preventative activity to hazard reduce potential fires from occurring. Within our bush, we have a vast array of multiple different wildlife that call it home, which makes our backyard even more special to protect, in addition to our people’s homes. In the recent fires around the country, in addition to hundreds of homes, over 1 billion animals have been lost. It’s devastating to say the least. 

We’ve put together some crucial tips to prepare and protect your home:

  • Regularly clean your gutters of leaves and twigs

  • Install a sprinkler system in roof gutters, to put out embers from surrounding fires

  • Repair a damaged or missing tile on the roof

  • Install fine metal mesh screens on windows and doors – Seconline can assist! 

  • Repair or cover gaps in external walls 

  • Cut back trees and shrubs overhanging on surrounding buildings

  • Clean up fallen leaves, twigs and debris around the property 

We strongly recommend that if your property has a pool, tank or dam, put a Static Water Supply (SWS) sign on your property entrance, which allows firefighters to use this water to protect surrounding homes and businesses.

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