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Here at Seconline we encourage all of our customers to give us feedback whether it be good or bad. A measure of anyone’s success can only be in the satisfaction of their customers and if our customers are encouraged to enlighten us as to their thoughts on our particular products, then we will be more informed as to our exact performance levels.

Over the years here at Seconline there have been many letters and emails of approval and recognition of how well our customers have received a product and at times some of them have contributed ideas that have helped, particularly with our packaging. When we first started our packaging system, it was completely different to the way we are doing it currently. At first we used foam edging to go around the entire product, sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard with adhesive. This was moderately successful but we abandoned it because of damage to the sides of the product, particularly doors where most damage occurs.

Due to obvious cost implications we changed our packaging to surround the heads of the security doors and security screens  and the locks, particularly around the key barrel area as a lot of damage was incurred prior. Through the internet we researched and found several different types of staplers. After putting these through rigorous tests, we found one that had a return that allowed us to have a bigger expanse of cardboard around the very outer edge to supplement the additional cardboard package we were currently using. Fundamentally this same process is what we are using today with some slight modifications such as fragile tape and protective tape on the actual product. All of this has evolved through a willingness to change our approach to achieve a better result for our customers, and to date the feedback has been very positive. Damage is still occurring, albeit at a significantly reduced rate.

Seconline customers have given us feedback in relation to how we package lock handles and additional products such as door closes and bottom bug seals within the individual packages. At the present moment we seem to have the best system and again would always look to have feedback as to any improvements noted.

Feedback from our customers is extremely important to us and we always like to have in place systems to try and improve any products that we have in our range. We would never take any form of umbrage to a negative comment, only to absolutely make sure that the customer or customers were contacted and anything in our power that could be done to rectify was immediately undertaken.

To date 99% of the feedback that has come to us via email or direct phone calls or through our online chat to our support staff has been extremely positive and encouraging. As manufacturers we do not get to see the end product and some customers like to send us photos which is extremely gratifying . Over the years we have had many customers come back for additional products or to purchase products for their extended families. Again, this is most gratifying to us because it indicates to us that we are certainly moving in the right direction.

In closing at Seconline we would like to thank you for all the feedback photos and comments that you have given us and we would encourage you regardless of whether it would be negative or positive feedback to continue; the process of purchasing Security Screen Doors online is made easier by your continued feedback, thank you.

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