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Installing Your Security Door Lock

At the Seconline factory when we manufacture your door, the lock is fully assembled and thoroughly tested to ensure it is working satisfactorily. After this the handles are placed in heat-sealed plastic bags with the door handles in the correct position based on your choice of lock side. The key cylinder and the main lock body remain with the frame of the Security Screen/Barrier Door.

When you receive your Security Screen/Barrier Door from Star Track Express it will come in specially packed cardboard surrounds. To remove from the cardboard surround simply lie on a flat surface and with a sharp knife simply cut three sides of the cardboard using the middle of the fragile tape as a guide. Do not cut outside the fragile tape and you can be guaranteed not to mark the door with the knife.

Now fold the cardboard back to reveal your door and you will discover that your door handles and additional products such as bug seals, door closes and pet doors you may have chosen will be attached to an independent cardboard sheet. Extract these sundry items and set them aside ready for installation to the door.

As previously stated the door handles are already in the correct sides ready to be attached to the door in a heat-sealed plastic bag. There will also be the screws and the centre shaft that is to be located in the square hole in lock body that will connect the inner and outer door handles. Once you have located this you will need to slide it into the main lock body and connect the door handles.

It is most important that the internal chrome snib but is installed into the inside of the door in the vertical 12 o’clock position. It is possible to install it in other positions, however it will not allow the lot to work correctly.

With the two screws provided place into the holes located at the top and bottom of the internal door surround. Do not over tighten, however, make sure they are firm. Place the two plastic cover caps over these screws.

The main central lock body that is located inside your door has two silver tongues located on the face. The top smaller tongue is the trigger for the main lock tongue and is designed to activate the larger locking tongue which is located directly below. The main locking tongue is 35 mm wide.

To test the lock so as to determine you have fitted all the components correctly, simply pull down on the door handles and release. Now depress the trigger tongue located above the main locking tongue so as to release into the locking position. Now without touching the door handles, turn the internal snib away from the 12 o’clock position to the left or the right based on your door lock side choice. This should lock the door. Return the snip to the 12 o’clock position and repeat the same process using the key. This should then deadlock the internal snib as well as locking the handles. If your door does not behave as described then you have not assembled it correctly and you need to repeat the process until you do with have the described locking effect.

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