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Sliding Security Door Interlocks

Interlocks are designed to lock your sliding screen door on the non-lock body side. In the closed position this will have the effect of dramatically increasing the security level of your Seconline sliding door.

A frame interlock is a section that is designed to be riveted to the back of a sliding door that will interlock the fixed glass door panel on the non-locking side.

A side bug seal is a section with 16 mm of hair fibre that is designed to be riveted to the back of a sliding barrier or fly door, to deter insects from entering the door from the non-locking side; you would install either one or the other.

When you are deciding about a purchase of a Seconline door you must consider the amount of security that you want from the door. At Seconline we make three types of sliding doors.

1. The Seconline TOUGH 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh security screen that door comes with frame interlock included.

2. The Seconline PERF perforated aluminium mesh security screen door comes with frame interlock included.

3. The Seconline LOW-VIS aluminium privacy mesh security screen door comes with frame interlock included.

4. The Seconline Diamond + Fly screen door with side bug seals included (can only be defined as a barrier door).

With our sliding diamond 7 mm diamond doors we do not include frame interlock, however we substitute this for a side bug seal because of the diminished need for security. Most fixed glass panels will have a receiving interlock as part of the extrusion. If your door does not have a receiving interlock then you can request to have side bug seal instead. If you do require the additional security of a door that locks not only on the locking side in the closed position, but also the non-locking side as well, then you will have to have a receiving interlock installed onto your fixed glass panel prior to installing your sliding door.


The installation of a receiving interlock is not difficult, however individual advice may be needed, so please make contact with the support staff at Seconline. Feel free to visit our sliding screen door category to purchase you door online today.


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