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Houses Versus Home Units

The arguments for the purchase of a freestanding house against a home unit is one that can be viewed from many perspectives. Should you be thinking in terms of investments then the question would be whether you should place your investment money into a house on a quarter acre block or whether you should put it into an apartment that is more centrally located with less travel and lower maintenance. If this is a question based around the financial side of the equation, it may not offer the best outcome from a security point of view.

If financial long-term investment is the most important consideration when making a decision like this then it could lead to another outcome that may not necessarily give the best return on investment but may provide more logical security solutions in the short term.

Let's look at some of the pros and cons in both cases:


Cons:  A freestanding house on a quarter acre block in the suburbs or in a small country town has many vulnerabilities from a security point of view for very obvious reasons. Firstly the fact that it will probably be exposed at ground level on all external sides, it will have numerous windows and doors that will need additional protection such as security window screens and security doors. This will add additional expense. It will also have many hidden areas such as pergolas, verandas and also possibly areas that are hidden from street view by trees, shrubs, etc. Unless you are willing to install security fencing, intercom and camera facilities then you will also have the situation of unknown visitors knocking on your immediate front door.

Pros:  The advantages of owning a house on a quarter acre block are many compared to a unit. The first one that springs to mind is the ability to have a backyard where you perhaps could have a dog that would offer some sort of protection or at least a warning of any strangers that might be about to appear. This backyard also would represent a good and relatively safe play area compared to council parks for your children to enjoy. You may be into gardening and this would give you your own space to enjoy this hobby. Many home units have very strict corporate structures that do not allow any changes unless they are approved by the total corporate body. With a freestanding home you can fundamentally do what you like provided you don't create any issues that the local council authorities may have to intervene in. There is an argument that houses overall will have greater land value and therefore greater return on investment in the long term. This will depend on location to a large extent.


Cons: A home unit does not allow you to have a backyard in most cases and certainly would not allow you to have a single-minded decision process in regard to that space. Generally the only outsides area would be a small balcony. Corporate fees for the management of the property and a corporate body structure which can be very limiting may have you paying for things within the building that you do not have access to such as lifts, garages, etc. Cooking smells and close proximity of neighbours can be very limiting to some people and disputes in this environment are quite common. Noisy neighbours also can be an issue with some home units.

Pros: A home unit will offer significantly less external windows and doors and therefore obviously more security with less cost. Units that are above ground level will have even increased levels of security. Most home units, particularly those that have been built in the last two decades, will have a front door intercom system that will allow the screening of visitors. Low maintenance is possibly the greatest advantage to a home unit as all external maintenance is usually carried out by the body corporate. Most units are in better locations and offer close proximity to shopping centres and employment.

Whether you are renting or owning a house or a home unit there will always be a need to have a mindset of securing your property and it is wise to be proactive rather than reactive after the event; look to Seconline for all your security screen door and security window screen requirements.

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