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Hinged Door Closers

Hinged Door Closers

Door ClosersDoor Closers

At Seconline we use and recommend Doric pneumatic Door Closers. These can be easily selected when purchasing your screen door with a handy tick box now available when entering your door measurements.

We recommend that you install a door closer to your Hinged Seconline Door for the following reasons. 

  •  To ensure that door is closed after use on every occasion.

  •  To minimise insect entry.

  •  To ensure a hit free door closing.

  •  To bring door back to close position to avoid wind damage.

Doric Door closers are available in three colours, white, black and primrose. they come with all brackets and fixing screws and full instructions are included.

See the full range of Seconline Security Doors online to purchase today.

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