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Security: Back Doors Vs Front Doors

A question that can appear at times at the Seconline help desk that will often mystify us as to the logic behind it is: Do I need a security door on my back door as well as my front?

The front door of most houses is far more visual to the street than the back door. A high visual door or the ability to be able to sight a door from the street will in most cases make it the most unlikely place that an intruder may look to gain entry into a house for the purpose of a burglary; however, a hidden door that has a low visual reference to the street or to the next door neighbours will be a far more likely penetrable point for a would-be thief to gain entry into your home and this is simply because he or she has far greater an opportunity to spend time trying to work on or break locks as the possibility of them being discovered is significantly less than a high visual door.

When it comes to the safety of your family and your possessions then we would encourage you to give it a great degree of thought and do your very best to ensure that you make it difficult, if not impossible, for a break-in attempt. Some of the methods that a burglar will use in a break-in attempt may have crossed your mind and you may have already secured security doors with three-point lock systems; however, you may not have realised that the glass panel that is sometimes beside the front door can be easily broken and a hand could go in through the glass to open both the main door and the security door if they have not been deadlocked. In a lot of cases people will just simply use a pushbutton lock or similar type of lock on the main door rather than lock the door or deadlock the door with a key. As they have installed a security door and have snib locked and not deadlocked the security door this would give an opportunity for a person to put their hand in and simply unlock both doors and gave full access to your home very simply.

Hidden areas around your home are significantly more likely to have a would-be thief spend extra time and so these areas are even more important to have additional security added to them than would high visual areas. Another really good option is to have sensor lighting put in these areas as well as areas that are high visual simply because not all break-ins occur during daylight hours and if a light were to suddenly come on then it may possibly alert neighbours or other people to the fact that someone is attempting a break-in.

People who are intent on burglaries and thefts for the purpose of gaining easy income can become very cunning and will always look for the easiest and less troublesome entry into a home and therefore will avoid areas that are highly visual and represent an opportunity for them to be exposed. Anything that you can do to increase the difficulty for them will be somewhat of a deterrent and may leave your property less attractive to them and so have them make another decision not to make an attempt at breaking in.

Seconline manufacture and sell excellent quality woven steel mesh security screen doors online and window screens that will always offer any thief a significant degree of barrier and any doors or windows that may have a hidden aspect should have these installed.

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