Securing your home

25 Jul 2017

There are many different variations in the designs of Australian homes; some of us live in free-standing homes on a block of land, while others may live in high-rise units, town-houses or semi-detached style houses as well as many other options. One thing all of these will have in common is the need in some shape or form for security or insect screening. Obviously someone who is on the 20th floor of a high security unit development will have less need then that person who is on the quarter acre block with many exposed windows and doors. The need to security screen ones windows in a high rise unit block would possibly be minimal, however there may be still a need for insects screening.

Security screening and insect screening can be done in one application now due to the introduction of woven steel mesh type security screens. The introduction of this type of screening gives the low-impact visual look of fly screens with an extremely high level of real security. No method of security screening is 100% impenetrable, particularly if a would-be thief was able to use the correct tools and had the appropriate amount of time. Having stated this it would be a foolhardy thief to consider using loud and noisy electrical tools to break into someone’s home, especially when there would have been an easier target at another residence without the foresight to install good-quality woven steel mesh security screens.

This woven steel mesh is used in the manufacture of all Seconline hinged security doors and sliding security doors and security window screens. A variety of upgrades can be used to add additional security such as triple locks, jamb extensions and interlocks on sliding security doors.

In times past there was really only one way that this product could be sought by the homeowner to increase the level of security in their home and that would be by requesting a quotation by a local company to come and measure and give a firm price stop once accepted they then would return and carry out the installation. In outlying areas this however has been somewhat difficult as travel and labour can prove cost prohibitive.

Seconline was created to fill the void of people requiring high quality low cost security screening products that could be custom ordered from home where they can access relevant information to suit their requirements. Seconline provide a vast variety of information provide their customers with the opportunity to liaise with our support staff by phone, online chat or e-mail for additional information. Once they are comfortable with the product and the information they can then order and pay for their products and have them shipped direct to their doors anywhere in Australia.

Seconline strongly recommend, where possible, when considering buying security products from their website, that they have them installed by a licensed and experienced installer. Seconline offer no guarantees as to the installation of their products by third-party installers. Seconline do however, have limited warranties on all parts, locks and mesh selections. See our Terms and Conditions page for further details.

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