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Tracking For Sliding Screen Door?

In Australia most sliding glass doors will come with tracks for sliding security screen doors. There are exceptions to this rule, particularly with wooden glass sliding doors and so for the installation of a sliding security screen door, tracking will have to be installed. At Seconline when you buy your security doors online they come as a standard top and bottom rolled option. We assume that you will have already top and bottom track as part of the existing door extrusion and unless requested do not supply tracking. Our security doors will have two rollers at the top with adjustment screws internally and two rollers at the bottom with the same adjustment screws. There is 11 mm of adjustment on each roller. At seconline we use a standard security door frame section and it is 20 mm thick as are most sections used for sliding security screen doors.

Therefore to install tracking on the bottom, a flat surface where the track will be installed of 25 mm in width is required as a minimum. At the top also we will require a minimum of 25 mm of flat surface so as to the fix the top track. In addition the same 25 mm of flat surface will be required to fix the U channel for the door lock to close into.

Bottom tracking is a single raised track so as the roller can glide along on top of the track. It will not have sides on it as does the top track. This is so the security door can be lifted up into the top track and then lowered onto the bottom track at the point of installation. It has a small leg going off one side of the track so as to fix with screws or rivets. 

Bottom Pip Track

Top Track - U ChannelTop Track - U Channel

The top track is a U channel that has a raised section in the bottom of it so a screen door roller can glide along. Fixing is usually done by screwing up beside this top track inside the channel. The bottom of this top track and the top of the bottom track other to precise points where measurements will be taken and deductions made for the length of your security door. 

Top Track

Top H Track - SlidingTop H Track - Sliding
Top Sliding TrackTop Sliding Track

Depending on whether your door is to be installed as internal or external will be decided by the fixed glass panel. If your sliding glass door is outside the fixed glass panel then the sliding security screen door will be inside the fixed glass panel, however in most cases the sliding glass door will be inside the fixed glass panel and this will allow the security sliding door to be placed outside and as previously stated in most cases will have tracking, although not always.

If yours door is inside, then protection for the lock will usually be behind the closing channel of the glass sliding door and it should be reasonably protected. If however the requirement of the security screen door is for an outside fix then it will be essential to have some type of protection for the lock and also to insect proof the door. This is usually done with a U channel. 

Side U Channel / Receiving Channel

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