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Additional Fitting Tips - Fitting The Hinges

When you receive your Seconline hinged Security/Barrier Door it will come with the hinges attached, the main lock body installed and the cylinder also installed. It will be inside a cardboard box stapled on the edges. To open the box simply cut along the top of the fragile tape that surrounds the outer edge above the staples on three sides, top, bottom and one of the sides. Simply then pull cardboard back to reveal the internal contents.  You will find that the door is then secured inside the box by two pieces of bed cardboard stapled to the sides. Carefully with a sharp knife cut these two pieces of cardboard away or remove staples. Carefully lift the door away from the box being mindful not to scratch the door in the process.

Written on the box should your SEC- order number we use to identify your door/s. Remove from the packaging the handles and accessory pack. Using a Phillip’s head screwdriver, attach the handles making sure that the internal chrome snib locking piece is in the 12 o’clock position. Now with your key test that the lock is working correctly. It is imperative that you release the main tongue by depressing small trigger located above to allow this main tongue to be in the locking position. Test lock with both key and internal snib. Gain a true understanding and feel of this lock mechanism in this open position as it will prove important for further testing once the door is hung.

Unlock and lift door into the door jamb that it is to be fitted to. With a marker pencil place a small mark underneath the bottom of the top hinge while the door is sitting in down position held over against the hinged jamb either left or right depending on the lock side. Then lift the door up to the top of the jamb and mark the bottom of the hinge again. Remove the door and with a square or ruler take these two marks into the jamb so that they can be plainly seen.

It can be helpful at this point to have someone hold the door for you. With the door at a right angle to the door jamb in other words in the 90° open position drill into the middle of the elongated whole located in the centre of the hinge using a 3 mm drill bit. Make this hole in the middle of the two marks that you have made.  Now using a Phillips driver gun and the countersunk screws provided in the Accessory Pack, screw the hinged to the door jamb. Repeat the same process for the bottom.

Now close the door, depress the centre tongue and trigger with your fingers and ensure that you have the correct top and bottom spacing. It is more important to have the top spacing similar to the side spacing, as you are trying to centre the door top to bottom.

At Seconline we recommend you purchase a bottom Bug Seal online with your door. This will minimise any gaps at the bottom and will also give much greater protection from crawly insects and for uneven door jams created by mortise lines for tiles or wear marks. Most imperfections will be in the bottom of the door and not the top of the door and a bug seal will go a long way to minimising these defects.

Purchasing your new Seconline Security Screen Door Online couldn't be easier!


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