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Installation of Pet Doors

Small Pet DoorSmall Pet Door

Australian people love their pets and many like to have their pets have access to their homes without the annoyance of them scratching at the doors to get in or out. Many people have in the past had different types of pet access doors installed to their existing screen doors and a very common question when upgrading or having a quotation for a better quality door such as a security screen door is "Am I able to have a pet door installed?" The easy and quick answer to this is no.

Pet doors are usually installed into the back door or side doors of the house and rarely are they installed into the front door. This is for obvious reasons as most pets are in the backyard and access to the front is usually not something that pet owners would encourage. The back doors of most houses are far more hidden and in most cases can offer a far easier entry point for burglars who are intent on gaining entry.

Security doors in Australia to be rated as a security door must pass certain tests otherwise they have to be described as barrier screens or safety screens. To have the classification of a security door then tests such as impact tests, knife shear tests and other such tests must be passed and certified by an independent certifier. All security doors and security screens have been independently tested and have successful documented test results. The installation of a pet door would be seen as a compromise to this and therefore would render the door perhaps vulnerable and no longer able to be classified as a security door.

Large pet doors in particular would give access to most adults of reasonable size and although the dog that may be using this door may be a very good deterrent this, however, is not taken into consideration when achieving test results. Even medium-size pet doors could give access to a very small person or child. If it is a security door you are requiring when you are obtaining a quote then you would be ill-advised to have a pet door installed to this particular door. If, however, you are willing to compromise then there are doors that are much better to have a pet door installed into, albeit with the decreased classification of being able to describe the door as an Australian security door. The obvious example would be a 7mm diamond door as they are designed to have pet doors installed into them. PETWAY is the brand used by Seconline.

PETWAY pet doors can be installed into all Seconline hinged and sliding screen door by selecting the size required from the list of AddOns on the product page.

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