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Fresh Air

Urbanised Australians are spending more and more time inside where their fresh air is circulated by huge air-conditioning machines; this is also happening in our homes and as a consequence we are spending less time in the fresh air and using greater amounts of stale, recycled air. Our bodies are designed to have many things and fresh air is one of them for a variety of reasons. During the colder months we tend to close up all of our windows and doors to keep the warmth in and reduce our energy costs. The same now is happening in the heat of summer: we tend again to close our doors and windows to keep the hot air out and the cool air in, again reducing our energy costs.

Houses now are more insulated and less ventilated for the above reasons. In the past houses naturally ventilated more than modern-day homes as they simply didn't have the building material or building knowledge to completely entrap the air as it is done today. In the summer air-conditioning was not available and therefore the only solution was to open up all the doors and windows and perhaps use a fan. In the winter houses generally kept one room or perhaps two in the house warm by the use of doors and smaller rooms and generally bedrooms were left without any form of heating and as a consequence more fresh air was available inside the home due to heat and cold exchange.

Fresh air is essential for many reasons and possibly the first and foremost reason is that it cleans your lungs and releases some of the toxins that have gathered in your body. Fresh air contains oxygen and maintaining good oxygen levels in our blood will help us to feel better, giving us a feeling of increased wellness. It will also improve our concentration and generally help us to think more positively and clearly.  It will increase our energy levels by oxygenating our blood and helping us with increased levels of fitness which in turn will generate many health benefits.

We live in an environment of ever-increasing levels of pollutants from cars and factories that emit all number of airborne particles. These, over long periods of time, coupled with our confined living and working environments, can reduce our immunity to some diseases. Colds and influenza are spread rapidly in these environments and fresh air could be conceived as one of the better ways to minimise your risk to such infections. No one would argue that good access to fresh air is extremely beneficial to the health and well-being of mankind and it would seem that we are receiving less of it as we indulge in modern air-conditioning.

There are numerous ways to increase your access to fresh air. Try getting off the bus three stations before your office or your home and having a brisk walk whilst enjoying the day. Instead of taking your car to the shops try investing in a small trolley and again taking a brisk walk. If possible open your doors and windows of an evening whilst you are sleeping to allow your house to ventilate. This is also important through the day; however, be mindful that you are possibly exposing your home to entry spots for burglars. It is probably wise to ensure that you have good security window screens installed and also good-quality security screen doors. In some areas of Australia this is somewhat difficult to achieve as access to these types of services can be limited. Also it may be a cost issue as good-quality security screens and security screen doors can be quite expensive.

Seconline has many high-quality, low-cost security screening products options for both the DIY market and the licensed installing market. Our factory is based in Mudgee, central west New South Wales, and we pride ourselves in fast turnaround and an ability to ship our products right across the Australian continent, including Tasmania and smaller islands. Help is available at our support desk as well as via email or through our online chat. Please do not hesitate to call us if we can be in any way of assistance to help you to increase the levels of safe, fresh air in your home.


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