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Face Fixing Security and Fly Screens

One of the most frequent questions put to the support desk at Seconline is regarding the fixing of security window screens. Fundamentally there are two basic ways to fit security safety screens to a window and they are to face fix or recess fixing.


In most cases it is possible to face fix security window screens and fly screens. If you face fix fly screens then you would do this with 11 mm turnbuckles; these can be ordered as an accessory when entering the dimensions for your fly screen on the Seconline website. Turnbuckles are clear PVC and are designed to fit beside the fly screen; they can be easily removed when required. When face fitting security safety screens you would not use turnbuckles as this would enable any person to easily remove them.


When fixing to the face there are some steps that can assist with fixing and safety:


When face fixing security window screens it is important not interfere with the moving parts of the internal window section. It is particularly important with double hung windows as they can have window spirals or springs to assist in the lift process of the window. In the action of a left-to-right sliding sash window, again it is imperative that you do not interfere with the track or movement of the window in any way.


In order to face fix a constant flat surface the entire way around the window surround is required; this will allow the screen to be fixed flat and without interfering with the action of the window.


Window surrounds are generally made of aluminium or timber and will require different fixing materials.


In the case of timber it is generally considered best to screw directly through the outer frame of the security screen and into the window surround, if there is a stud or something structural that can be reached, then from a strength point of view this would be preferable. Tamper proof screws are available at better hardware stores, alternatively use stainless steel screws and perhaps to remove the head of the screws with a drill or grinder to make removal difficult.


In the case of aluminium windows it is also possible to screw to the window as with timber surrounds, however riveting is possibly a better option and will certainly make removal more difficult.


Security window screens will create a home in which you can feel both secure and comfortable with adequate airflow; however it is important that you do not install security screens on windows that are needed for emergency access, for example second story bedroom windows.


The supply of great quality security window screens is something we do and do well, however we can only advise as to your specific installation and would strongly recommend that you have a licensed installer do both the measuring and the installation for best results.

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