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Fly Screens, Barrier Screens or Security Screens?

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Living in Australia we are all aware of the good old Aussie salute; swatting the flies away from our face. Australia is a diverse and broad ranging country, from the tropical coastal areas to the very hot and isolated inland regions. One thing we will have in common is a large range of insects that tend to want to share our homes.

Coupled with this we live in a new age; 40 to 60 years ago before the dawn of the drug age, I grew up on a farm and the only time we took the key as of the door was when we went on annual holidays and that was just to put under the front mat. Nowadays the need for security and protection of our homes is infinitely greater; however we do not want the look and feel of living in a jail covered with bars and grilles. We need to be protected from insects when we wish to open up our windows and doors as well as not allowing any unwanted intruders into our homes.

Nothing is more confronting as having your home violated by someone who has not either the permission or the need to be there. Just imagine opening your front door to find all your worldly goods vandalised or stolen. People all over Australia are confronted with this scene daily and in many cases were purely wishing to circulate some fresh air through their homes; and instead have inadvertently displayed a greater faith in human nature than was deserved.

So, the question arises do I need simple fly screens to protect my home from insects and allow fresh air in, or do I make some attempt in the same process to increase the level of security for my home and loved ones?

At Seconline we want to educate you to make the best decision when making a selection from our wide range of products. Seconline’s range of screening and security products starting from basic 25 mm x 11 mm fly screens that can have standard fly mesh or if you have a pussycat who loves to stretch her claws in the fly screens you can upgrade to Paw Proof Mesh. Also we have base level 7 mm diamond screens that also have the ability to be able to upgrade from standard fly mesh to Paw Proof Mesh. These will offer a basic level of Barrier.

However if you need to increase the level security whilst allowing fresh air then we have 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Security Screens that you can order from the site to your exact specifications.

At Seconline we understand that this decision is a personal one and will not attempt to sway you one way or the other. Our commitment is to take your order and manufacture to your precise specifications in the quickest amount of time at the lowest price possible.

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