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Front Door Security

Improve the value of your homeImprove the value of your home

When was the last time you thought about your home’s front door security?

Not only is your front door the first thing that your visitors see once they arrive at your home, it’s arguably a focal point. On the market today, there are an array of front doors available to make a statement– however how secure is your entryway, really?

Having added protection to your front door can give you that extra confidence when it comes to uncomfortable encounters with a complete stranger. Can you imagine not having anything in-between your front door and the stranger knocking on your door? Therein lies one of the main reasons people would choose to have a barrier door or security door installed to the front door of their home.

Older homes will have in some cases a very lightweight insect screen door that was possibly all that was required 30 to 50 years ago; however, times have changed and the need for additional security, as well as insect protection has escalated dramatically. During the 70s, 80s and 90s it was commonplace to have a diamond patterned lockable door or an aluminium cast-type door installed, and this proved to be a reasonable, cost-effective and security measure to talk through whilst locked.

This, however, can be viewed as an unattractive feature to the main entryway of your home, with little security about it. During the late 90s and in the early 2000’s, we saw the introduction of woven steel mesh and perforated mesh doors become available and since then, have proven to be extremely successful in two main areas:

  1. The first was simply the fact that they were significantly stronger and did not allow a potential intruder to perhaps put their hands inside the grille and gain leverage. Security was increased without increasing the visual impairment. This was the case with diamond and cast-type doors.

  2. The fact that these screens now allow your main front door to still be the feature door. Because of the fly mesh-type look that these doors have and the low visual impact, it allows any sort of existing feature such as lead lighting, glass paneling, etc. to be able to be seen through the mesh and give somewhat less of an ‘imprisonment look’.

 The variety of products available at Seconline target exactly what our customers needs are. We have provided an extensive range of front door security doors – from single frame to dual. Our team has hit the mark with creating security doors both high in security and protection but also high levels of style and aesthetics to welcome visitors to your home and keep unwanted intruders out!

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