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Thinking Like a Thief

We would all like to hope that in our absence or even whilst we are there that our home is fully secure and that we will not become victim to a break and enter and the devastation both financially and physically that this might imply. This may or may not be the case; however, if you were to challenge yourself in regard to the likelihood that a burglary may occur in your house then one of the ways that you could do this would be by adopting the mindset of a possible thief.

Let's just say you start this by pretending that you have locked yourself out and the challenge that you face now is entering your house without the keys. Depending on the amount of desire to gain entry will determine the speed at which you can gain entry; however, the question here is if you were a thief or burglar just how easy would it be to gain entry to your home? The answer to this question is quite simple. You have a house that is locked by you and you have allowed yourself to be physically on the outside of your home with the desire to be on the inside and you will find a way. In most cases it will not take you very long at all and this then would lead to the next question. If you can break into your home easily then why could a burglar/thief not gain entry as well? The one advantage you will have over a would-be thief is that you will be able to use all necessary tools, locksmiths, etc. at your disposal and you will not feel the need to not be exposed during this process. A thief will obviously have the overall goal that he will gain entry and be able to exit without being caught as the result in that would be perhaps a little stint in a correctional centre and this would not be desirable.

The first thing that you would quickly investigate is whether there are any unlocked windows or doors. A thief would be looking for somewhere that was quiet and hidden if he had to use additional tooling or leverage such as jimmy bars to gain entry and these would be the points that you would identify if discovered to have additional measures put in place for protection.

Another possible entry point would be through an external manhole which are usually in the garage. If it is easily accessible to the garage and you found some way of gaining access to the roof cavity such as using something to climb into the roof cavity within the garage, then there will be no restriction as to the movement within this roof cavity and Gyprock is quite easily kicked through. Once a bedroom is identified then it is simply a matter of kicking a large enough hole in the Gyprock and dropping down onto a bed. Usually most people will not deadlock all windows and doors and so gaining access back out will simply be by unlocking and in most cases walking straight out the front or the back door.

To some people being locked outside their house with the thought process that they have to gain entry can be a very frightening experience; however, one should use this experience to realise the vulnerability if discovered with a view to taking measures to increase the difficulty that a would-be thief may encounter.

Obvious steps to be taken are good-quality security window screens and security screen doors. Burglar alarms are a definite deterrent as well as signage to indicate their presence. Good lighting in dark areas with sensor lighting where possible will increase the level of possible exposure and make it significantly more difficult to spend time. Keeping trees trimmed and lawns mowed in times of absence as well as having someone attend to your garbage bin and mail is important as well. Leaving a radio on a talkback station can indicate that there may be someone at home, and letting your neighbours know if you will be absent and having them keep an eye out for unusual occurrences are just some of the ways that additional protection can be easily achieved.

In conclusion, apathy and the thought process that it won't happen to me is not really a sensible approach to protecting your home. Even basic steps can make your home a little less desirable and possibly avoid the devastation of a  break-in.  

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