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Insects in Australia

Hymenoptera are insects commonly known as wasps, bees, ants as well as flying ants, and saw flies. Worldwide there are over 115,000 different species and over 44,000 are thought to be from Australia alone. No wonder insect play a diverse and functioning role in our ecosystems both natural and agricultural.

Bees particularly play an important part in the pollination of all of our flowering plants. They are vital to our agricultural way of life. There are nearly 20,000 known species of bees in nine recognised distinct families. These are found on every continent in the world. The best and most common be is the European honeybee. Bees also can give a nasty sting. We rely heavily on bees particularly for orchard and vegetable crops.

Wasps are a number insect that despite their ugly appearance and nasty bites play an important part in our insect populations. Wasps are predators and prey on other insects. Wasps also are responsible for the pollination of some plants. There are many examples of wasps used to control parasites that have been introduced from overseas. Wasps also have a very nasty sting and it is because of this they have a very bad reputation. They are aggressive by nature and very protective of their nests. In Australia wasps like to nest under awnings and eaves as well as electricity meter boxes and anywhere that they can find protection.

Dyptera form and insect group that contains flies, mosquitoes and Gnats. They are a possibly around 150,000 known species of Dyptera in the world. There are many insects that form part of this group that are very common to Australia such as midges, sandflies, houseflies, blowflies as well as mosquitoes. They play a somewhat important role in regulating plant populations that have an adverse effect on human life.

Many of the insects that form the Dyptera group have a good and fundamental role in our lives; however most in this group are not wanted inside and are attracted by light and food. Included in these groups are moths and butterflies as well as flying cockroach’s beetles, stone flies, stick insects, silverfish, locust and grasshoppers, as well as a host of spiders.

As long as humans have been on the Australian continent insects have been both a blessing and a curse. We cannot possibly live without insects as they have definite vital roles in our ecologies, however segregations seems to be the best solution to maintain the best balance between human beings and insects.

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