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Holiday protection for my home

Australians love their four weeks of annual leave and most will leave their family home and travel to another destination, leaving their home vacant during this time. There are many other times where it is necessary to leave the family home unattended as well, such as emergency trips like funerals, weekends away, sickness and small trips for family gatherings and weddings, etc.

There can be nothing more devastating than opening up your front or back door to find that someone has been in your family home, your castle, and has infiltrated your valuable possessions and in some cases may have stolen them. Burglars have a tendency to damage and decimate belongings. Very few would-be thieves are not tidy, to say the least.

Some say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are many steps that you can take to prevent your house, your home, your castle from being infiltrated and minimise the chance of the devastation of discovering the aftermath of a burglary, and God forbid the discovery of the burglar still in your home. Security window grilles, particularly woven steel security window grilles, will minimise any risk of penetration via the windows. Security Screen doors and security deadlocks on the main doors also will provide a much greater resistance.

Preparation prior to your journey away can also be of great assistance. Imitating the fact that you are or may be still in the home will also be a very good deterrent. Some ideas for this are to leave a small radio going within the home, leave a light or two on, perhaps with a timer so as not to waste electricity during daylight hours. Have someone collect your mail and any other periodicals that may turn up in your absence. Have your lawns mowed while you're away. If possible leave a car in your driveway or in vision so as to imitate someone perhaps living there. Leave some old clothes on the line to mimic a fresh wash.

If at all possible have someone visit  regularly to keep their eye on your property and surrounds. Many people invite someone within their circle of friends or family members to stay in the property during their absence; however, this is not always possible. Make sure you put all ladders and any type of tooling that can be useful for a would-be thief well out of easy reach of someone who may use these to gain access. Trim all trees and shrubs, particularly those that are near windows that would hide anyone who might be looking to gain entry using the cover. If possible lock front, side and back gates.

As well as security screens on the windows there are some other measures that can be taken such as roller shutters. These will also help to minimise break-ins and prevent anyone looking through the windows to view the contents. Home alarms are quite affordable now and there are many that are easy to install for the DIY handy person. There are many companies that will install alarms and provide a back to base warning if the alarm is activated.

Neighbours can be very useful during periods of absence. If you are good friends and trust your neighbours well, have them keep an eye on your property for any activity that may be taking place. Let them know if you are expecting any visitors. Leave your contact details with your neighbours so as to contact you in an emergency.

All measures that are taken with a view to prevent a burglary will make it more difficult for the would-be thief. They may take the decision that it is a little too difficult and visit another street with a home that is less prepared. For any information regarding security screen doors or security screen grilles please contact Seconline on 1300  735405 or email us at and we would be only too happy to assist with any enquiries you may have regarding the products available on the site.

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