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Sliding Security Door Tracking

Before you can establish exactly what type of track you need for your Seconline sliding screen security door you need to first be aware of the golden rule. If your sliding glass door is inside the fixed glass panel, then the sliding security screen doors must be on the outside. In other words the fixed glass panel must be between the sliding doors.

The reason for this is as follows: Interlocking means to have the sliding door lock into the fixed glass panel in the locked position. This action occurs automatically as the door is closed. The glass door and the sliding screen door must interlock into the fixed glass panel so as to lock the door on the opposite side to the lock. This can only occur when they are separated by the fixed glass panel. Both sliding doors need to be on either side of the fixed glass panel. This cannot occur if both doors are sliding simultaneously on one side only of the fixed glass panel. Interlocking also provides insect proofing on the non-locking side of the sliding screen security door.

Seconline doors come with top and bottom rollers that are adjustable from the inside. There is 11 mm of adjustment on each individual roller and we recommend a 12 mm deduction be taken so as to allow clearance for both top and bottom rollers.

Most bottom tracks that are provided by aluminium extruders usually consist of a single raised track with a rounded top. This is designed to accommodate concave roller set at the top of the round bottom track. It would be very unusual for any other type of bottom track to be provided; however, not all extruders do provide tracking for a sliding screen security door. If this is the case in your particular application then you will need to provide tracking.

Top tracks can vary; however, the ideal track will be a U-channel type track that has a single raised track in the centre with a rounded top. Again this is designed to accommodate a concave roller. Some top tracks will only be a U-channel and this will be satisfactory but not entirely ideal. The design of a top roller is to locate the door at all times in the centre of the track and avoid a metal-to-metal rubbing situation. Also it helps to locate the lock automatically as it is rolled into the locking position. If there is no raised track inside the top U-channel and it is at least 22 mm wide then it can be used quite satisfactorily. If a metal noise occurs and is found irritating, guide buttons can be purchased at most good hardware stores. There is no weight on the top rollers. They are adjusted up only to take top and bottom movement out of the sliding screen door.

A guide to measuring sliding security screen doors is available in the FAQ section of our site. If, however, you have any issues that require some additional information you can contact the Seconline office on 1300 735 405 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. eastern standard daylight saving time. Help is also available via email and the direct chat option which is located in the bottom right-hand corner of every page on our site.

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