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Think Like A Thief!

Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your home? And you find yourself on the hunt to find ways to get into your home without opening the door? Depending on your extent of desire to gain entry, this will determine the speed at which you get inside. The question here is: if you were a thief or burglar how easy would it be to gain entry to your home? The answer to this question is quite simple. You have locked your home and have allowed yourself to be essentially, locked out. Now you're left with the decision of breaking into your own home, you obviously want to get in and will do whatever it takes, correct? Bam, you've found yourself in the mind of a burglar without even knowing.

If you can break into your home with ease, what stops an unwanted intruder from doing the exact same? A thief would be looking for somewhere that was quiet and hidden if he had to use additional tooling or leverage such as a jimmy bar to gain entry. These certain spots in your home are key to identify and add extra security measures. 

To some people being locked outside their house with the thought process that they have to gain entry can be a very frightening experience; however, one should use this experience to realise the vulnerability of your house and take precautions to avoid any future invasions. 

We have some tips for you:

  • Seconline quality security window screens and security screen doors 

  • Ensure you have fully functioning alarm system

  • Sensor lighting to detect movement in dark areas 

  • Keep trees trimmed and lawns mowed, as the absence of these encourage a burglar to attack as they assume the home is left unattended 

  • Leaving a radio or TV on to indicate that someone is present, even if no one is

 With these handy tips, you can rest assured that your own personal space will be protected. Especially over this upcoming Christmas/New Year period, it’s time to step it up! 

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