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Protecting Your Home During The Holiday Season

Christmas and New Year is a time when families come together to relax, share stories and simply catch up. Usually we travel to a point that is predetermined for the family to celebrate together. This will mean that the majority of people will leave their current homes and travel to this point to unite with other family members whilst leaving their home and valuables behind and unattended.

Much has been written over the years in regard to the protection of family homes during this period; when we are not present to keep our eye on things it is easy to become complacent and have the mindset that everything will be okay, no one will touch my things at my place: “It’s Christmas!” This may not necessarily be the case and in actual fact this period of time represents an ideal time for any unwanted person to gain access to an empty, dormant home with the intention of burglary.

There are many obvious things that can be done to protect your home during your absence over this period that will add a very large measure of resistance to unwanted intruders. Simple things like having someone collect your mail and periodicals so as not to draw attention to an overfull mailbox, leaving some clothes on the line that may give a false indication that you are still at home, leaving a light on inside your home on a timer that is set to come on as night or darkness appears. This same simple system can also be used to turn on a radio or any other electrical device that may create a noise within the home that may also give a false indication to any person perusing your home with the intention of a burglary or theft of some description that you may still be in residence.

Some people will have a friend or another family member stay in the home. This can be one of the better ways but not always possible as everyone is busy during this period. A house sitter may be a very good idea in theory but not practical when considering most people like to share Christmas with their family and friends. Another good idea is to park your car or second car in a very visual position as it may also give a false indication that someone is at home. It is also very wise to have your lawns mowed prior to your departure and if possible perhaps organise for someone to give further maintenance if required because of an extended break. Rain and warm weather are generally present over the Christmas period and provide a terrific environment for rapid growth of lawns and weeds and this can be a very easy giveaway to the fact that you are not present to maintain your property.

There are many tips that are available to assist in the illusion that you are present and not away; however, it is preferable to increase the security of your home with very simple and somewhat inexpensive options that are available. Some of these would be to add security sensor lighting to all areas that may be hidden such as back verandas and patios, as well as front doors and porches. The addition of good solid deadbolts to your main access doors as well as window locks can also increase their level of security. Strong woven steel security doors with three point locks on all of your main access doors will provide not only additional security while you are there but give you an ability to have fresh air and high-level security as well. Security window grilles will again offer a greater or higher level of security for both when you are there and when you are absent and also give you the ability to have fresh air and high-level security.

Seconline provides a full range of security doors and security window screens in a large range of frame colours. The website has been created to give the customer the ability and confidence to be able to access all of the information available regarding installation, measuring and the overall process that is required to order and install their own high-level, high-quality security products from their own computer.

Support is available during standard office times either by a direct phone call to the support staff on 1300 735 405, or by the online chat which is available on every page of the website, again during office times. Also, valued customers at Seconline can email the questions to the support staff:

We at Seconline would like to take the opportunity to wish all a Happy Christmas and a very safe New Year. Thank you for your support during 2014.


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