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One-Way Vision Mesh

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Privacy is a basic human right and is to be greatly valued. In the urban and ever increasingly populated environment within which many of us choose to live achieving privacy can be somewhat of a challenge; particularly when our homes are exposed to passing traffic both pedestrian and vehicle.

Pedestrian traffic is possibly the hardest however there are ways this can be achieved; one way vision can be a big advantage in many situations particularly in your residence, many homes have the front door situated within clear view of the street making it a difficult position to obscure.

Hedges can be an attractive part of the front of any building and do offer a great degree of screening; in most cases this is ideal to limit vision and if there is sufficient room is a very good alternative. There are also many different types of fencing and vision reducing screen options, assuming there is sufficient space, that can be used to limit vision and giving a greater degree of privacy.

Visibility through the front door is always difficult to conceal in high traffic areas to reduce the exposure to public view; one solution that has been available for some time is DVA mesh, sometimes referred to as one way vision mesh. Until recently this has been a very light weight product and certainly not considered a high security product and did not meet any Australian standards. Now at Seconline customers can buy a one way vision mesh product that meets Australian standards AS5039 and AS5041, including the following:

  • Dynamic Impact test

  • Pull test

  • Jemmy test

  • Knife Shear test

  • Probe test

This product is called LOW_VIS Security mesh and unlike DVA mesh which needed and additional grille to give it support, is able to be used independently and offers, in the right conditions, great vision outward whilst severely impairing the vision inward.

LOW_VIS Security mesh is aluminium, 3.0mm in thickness and powdercoated, as such offers it a very high corrosion resistance and can be custom made in both the sliding or hinged security doors or as a security window screen.

LOW_VIS Security mesh  is available to be ordered direct on the Seconline website and shipped anywhere in Australia. As previously stated the mesh itself is black, however the frame is available in many different standard colours and if required a powder coating option is available.

Petway pet doors can also be installed into all LOW_VIS Security mesh doors and LOW_VIS Security mesh screens.

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