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Deadlock Security Screen Door

The dictionary description of a deadlock is a state of affairs in which further action between two opposing forces is impossible; a state in which progress is impossible.

When using a lock on a Security/Barrier Screen door it could be said that the objective would be to have the locked door unable to be opened easily from either inside or the outside, thereby increase the level of security.

When purchasing a Screen Door Online to secure your home, protect your loved ones and your valuables from unwanted intruders it is important to take the correct steps. Deadlocking your doors is one step that is easily taken and can offer immediate additional protection. Some locks can be locked by use of an internal snib or latch and do not require use of the key, effectively locking  the door from the outside with only entry made possible by using a key, while making keyless opening from the inside quick and easy to allow an exit without the need for keys.

This is a good option if for example there is an issue with the person who will be operating the lock; for example if they do not have the necessary faculties to quickly find and be able to use the keys when necessary or in the case of an emergency.

As well as dead locked solid core doors and sliding glass doors it is always an option to have Security/Barrier Screen doors fitted as well to add additional security and insect protection. This option is widely used in Australia to keep the insect population outside rather than inside. Having deadlock Security Barrier Screen doors and Security Window Screens will give the homeowner the option of security whilst enjoying fresh pest-free air.

One of the disadvantages with a 7 mm Diamond Barrier door is the open nature of the mesh. This can allow penetration and access to the internal snib.  A deterrent to this feature can be to simply add a Perspex Screen Guard. This will inhibit access to the snib and add an extra level of security to the deadlock.

Seconline 316 marine grade stainless Steel Mesh Security Doors offer a much greater degree of protection and deterrent for external access to the internal snib. A higher level of confidence in key-less locking can be obtained by a simple upgrade to a Steel Mesh Door.

Further upgrades can be to a Three Point Locking System; or otherwise known as a Triple Lock. This option has the same basic operation as a Single lock; once the lock has been installed to the door jamb, however, has the extra security of a top and bottom tongue that effectively locks the door in three places on the locking side. Again from the inside simply rolling the internal snip as with a single lock will lock all three tongues. When using the key either from the inside or the outside the effect will be to deadlock all three tongues.

Seconline sell Security Doors Online and Security Screens, made in accordance with the Australian Standards; however, the installation remains the responsibility of the purchaser. The deadlocks we use can be key locked both from the inside and the outside. They also have an internal snib for key-less locking on the inside.

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