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Additional Fitting Tips - Fitting lock Furniture

The previous blog outlined the procedure for opening your packaging and removing your door from the cardboard box in which it was packed upon leaving the Seconline factory by freight. The blog went on to describe on how to locate the door in the correct position so as to fix the door with the hinges to the door jamb. To view this particular blog click here.  

It is very important once you have your door now hung in the door jamb in the correct position that you establish an understanding of just exactly how the lock will feel in the open position, both from a physical feel and a visual identification of the correct locking procedure. 

Let us now discuss terminology and naming of the lock components so you will have an understanding of the hardware required. Included with your hinged door from the Seconline factory is your componentry bag; this contains the door handles already in the correct position for your door being either a left or right hand lock. Within the pack there will also be screws and two small plastic screw caps to place over screw holes once they have been fixed into position. It is most important that you have the internal chrome snib in the 12 o’clock position when you are installing the door furniture. This is the most important item when installing your door, if this position is not adhered to, the lock will not work correctly. It is the most common mistake when assembling door furniture.

The lock handles which should be in the quarter past or quarter to position at all times (depending on your door lock side). By pulling down on the door handle in the door open position it  will engage the main central tongue located either directly left or directly lock right of the door handle. Immediately above the main tongue is the trigger to engage the main tongue. Inside your door located immediately below the door handle is the silver chrome internal locking snip. Again let me repeat, this in the unlocked position should always be in the upright 12 o’clock position.

Now that you have your door with the door furniture on and in the open position follow these steps;

  1. Pull down on the door handles and release.

  2. It is imperative that you do not touch the door handles again because this may engage the main tongue back into the locking position and therefore render the locking device inactive.

  3. With your finger now push on the trigger located above the main tongue to release the main tongue into the fully engage position.

  4. Using the internal snib now to engage the lock, rotate it back to either the 10 past or 10 to position depending on your door lock being either left or right and this should lock the door. In the case of three point locks it should also release the top and bottom tongues of the three-point lock into the locking position.

  5. Repeat this process several times to gain a definite feel of how this works both on a visual and a physical feel point of view. It is most important that you gain a good understanding of this locking system.

  6. Now use the key from the outside and again without touching the door handles repeat the same process.


The next blog will contain the actual process of marking cut outs for final installation of your Seconline Security Screen Door onto your door jamb. 

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