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Do Fake Security Cameras Prevent Intruders?

If you are looking to have added protection to your home or business for your personal belongings, we know that having cameras, window and door protection can all begin to add up, especially if you are having a growing family or growing business. A recent increase in businesses/homes having fake security signs and cameras on a property could be doing more danger than benefiting your personal space.

Pros of having FAKE security cameras:

  1. Price: Obviously having a fake security camera involves less time and investment than a fully functioning security system.

  2. They MAY deter some unwanted intruders: the installation of fake cameras on your property may stop some, but not all! Whilst you might think they look realistic, to criminals they’ve seen them before!

  3. Can create a sense of security: Having a security camera on sight can encourage employees or family members to feel safe without even realising it isn’t actually working! 

If you’re going to install a fake security camera, you might as go the extra mile and make it work!

The Cons:

  1. As mentioned above, they are easy to detect as fake! Intruders that are experienced will be able to notice the difference, which will only encourage them to break-in.

  2. No record of anyone entering your personal space!

  3. They can create a false sense of security and offer no peace of mind for your family and protection, as it will leave you wondering IF your property is actually safe and secure

Fake cameras and security stickers are better than nothing. However, if you can budget to allow for a functioning security system, then do! Or here are a few low-cost alternatives you can explore:

  • Get a dog

  • Look after your front and backyard – this deters intruders

  • Have all entries into your place with a light at all times

  • Install a smart lock

  • Have Seconline security products on windows and doors

  • Look like you are home even when you are not!

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